Madras College

S3 Business Education

S3 Business and Enterprise


Course Outline (2021-22)


  • Business in Society (Business/Business Management)
  • Accounting
  • Administration and IT



S3 Course Overview


Each learner will study Business and Enterprise for one period per week over the course of the year.


The course is designed to further develop learning of Level 3 outcomes studied in S2 as well as introducing more complex learning of Level 4 experiences and outcomes from the Social Studies and Technologies curriculum organisers within Curriculum for Excellence.


Learners will further develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of the 3 subjects available for study in the senior phase – Accounting, Administration & IT and Business Management.


Learning usually begins with Unit 1 Business in Society, but learning timelines may be amended in order to give learners the opportunity to experience learning of all 3 subject areas prior to senior phase course choice in February and factors that may affect learning time available eg holidays/INSET and in-school activities eg house sports.


All learning activities will enable learners to develop their knowledge, skills and attributes within the capacities of Curriculum for Excellence:


  • Successful Learners
  • Confident Individuals
  • Responsible Citizens
  • Effective Contributors


A variety of methods will be used to assess learner progress, giving them feedback on their performance and ways of making improvements in their learning.


Regular homework will be given, which will give learners the opportunity to consolidate in-class learning or carry out independent research around the topics studied in class.