Madras College

Practical Cookery - National 5

The course is made up of three units:

  • Cookery Skills, Techniques and Processes – you will be learning how to select the correct equipment and ingredients and how to follow a recipe accurately.
  • Organisational Skills for Cooking – you will be learning how to select and cost a recipe, and prepare from it in an organised manner.
  • Understanding and Using Ingredients – identify a variety of ingredients and their characteristics and learn how to prepare them.






Question paper


1 hour

Assignment (time plans/ service details)


1 hour 45 minutes

Practical Activity


2 hour 30 minutes


Required Knowledge: 

Question Paper

The principles of selecting and using food preparation equipment

  • the principles of successful weighing and measuring
  • understanding cookery processes and food preparation techniques
  • understanding ingredients, their characteristics, and the importance of sustainability
  • knowledge and application of current dietary advice
  • knowledge of the application of the principles of food safety and hygiene
  • costing recipes
  • evaluation of presentation, taste or texture of dishes


Practical Skills for Practical Activity


Food preparation techniques

Peel; skin; chop; slice; dice; cut matchsticks; cut batons; segment; blanche; puree; marinate; strain; pass; grate; coat; mix; blend; whisk; cream; fold; rub in; knead; roll out; portion; shape; line; bake blind; glaze; pipe.


Cookery processes






·       baking

·       boiling

·       grilling

·       poaching

·       shallow frying/stir-frying

·       steaming

·       stewing


Key Dates


Week Beginning 21st December

Final Exam - Assignment

Week Beginning 15th February

Final Exam - Practical Activity

Week Beginning 15th March

Final Exam - Question Paper

June (TBC)


Study resources

Study Club will be held every

  • Monday Lunchtime
  • Wednesday Lunchtime & Afterschool
  • Thursday Lunchtime
  • Friday Lunchtimes


Homework: Issued weekly


Useful Textbooks

National 4 & 5 Hospitality Course Notes,

Leckie and Leckie


Useful Websites - gives key advice and knowledge about the course. - Great study aid. - these videos are great for helping improve your skills and knowledge.


Study Tips

  • Keep to set deadlines for both practical and written work in class.
  • Practice your practical skills at home – try to improve your timings.
  • Hand in any homework given on time.
  • Work hard to achieve good practical skills
  • Extra time and help are given at After School to improve knowledge or skills or if you have fallen behind.
  • YouTube have good examples to help you with practical skills.