Madras College

Festive period contact tracing

Dear Parent/ Carer, 

Contact Tracing information for the remainder of this term and festive break 

Following the Depute First Minister’s confirmation last week that there would be no blended learning for young people on the 21st or 22nd of December and that Contact Tracing would done by Public Health for schools in Scotland over the festive break, Fife Council issued a process for pupils to undertake as of this morning.  

John Swinney has made clear that school staff should not be contacted in the holidays to provide information to Public Heath teams to support Contact Tracing. Consequently, last night we received information from Fife Council about how this will be managed by Public Health and the information they will need from your child to carry out this very important work.   

Your child was provided with a Contract Trace form this morning (issued by Fife Council) at registration. 

Arrangements are as follows: 

  • all young people have been asked to complete a grid for each period, showing the first name (and possibly first initial of the surname where there is more than one in the class) of all young people who sit less than 2 metres from them 
  • we have asked movement in class to be minimised, however where it is essential to move to collect resources or other such tasks, young people must also note where this then leads to them being less than 2m from another pupil in the room 
  • young people should also note the teacher name and that of any other adult in the room e.g. Pupil Support Assistants 
  • young people should note their class name (e.g. 1F or 1.5 etc).  Teachers will help with this if they do not know 
  • at the end of each day, once all periods have been completed, we have asked young people where possible to take a photograph of their grid for the day as a back up 
  • please expect your child to bring this sheet home every afternoon with the day's information   
  • young people are being asked to take full responsibility for having a completed form showing contacts for every period for every day they are in school.  This could be 3 days only if they plan to come to school only for the rest of this week.  Or for any choosing to come to school Monday and Tuesday they should have 5 completed sheets for every day. 

We are asking for your support in ensuring that you can share this information with Public Health should they need to contact you over the Christmas period.  Please note they will only do so if there is the possibility that your child has come into close contact with a pupil who has tested positive. 

Electronic copies of this form are also available for pupils on Teams and for parents/ carers on our school website (a blank word copy is also attached). Please ensure your child has this completed at the end of each school day in the event that public health may need to contact you over the festive break. 

A further communication will follow from Fife Council, however we wanted to update you as timeously as possible. 

Many thanks for your valued support in this process. We wish you and your families a very safe and happy festive break. 

Your faithfully,