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Pupils studying Modern Studies at Madras College are taught by three experienced subject specialists. We strive to excel in all areas, allowing our students to become successful and effective learners, using a wide variety of teaching methods and constantly updating our learning resources.

 The People in Society outcomes in Curriculum for Excellence place Modern Studies at the heart of enabling the young people who attend Madras College to develop their understanding of the world by learning about other people and their values, how society and political changes have shaped Scotland and how to make sense of changes in society and international conflicts .

 With greater understanding comes the opportunity and ability to influence events by exercising informed and responsible citizenship. Learning in Modern Studies enables children and young people to:

 broaden their understanding of the world by learning about human activities and achievements

develop their understanding of their own values, beliefs and cultures and those of others

develop an understanding of the principles of democracy and citizenship through experience of critical and independent thinking

explore and evaluate different types of sources and evidence

establish firm foundations for lifelong learning and for further specialised study and careers

Modern Studies is therefore a vital part of the Curriculum for Excellence.


Our new courses in S1 - S3

In the junior school Modern Studies students will examine the world from an international, political and social perspective. Pupils will be encouraged to develop their own ideas and interests and to look at issues from different points of view. At all times learners will be encouraged to think, contribute and show respect and tolerance. Pupils will work with a variety of different sources and will develop both their research and presentation skills.


What is Modern Studies?

 History is about the way the world WAS

 Modern Studies is about the way the world IS

 Unique to the Scottish education system, Modern Studies is made up of three key components:

  •  Sociology - studying how people live in society
  •  Politics - studying how we are governed and how ordinary people can have power
  •  International Relations - studying world problems and how they are solved


Modern Studies opens up a world of employment opportunities...

 Students with a qualification in Modern Studies are well prepared for the world of work. Employers look for the valuable skills Modern Studies engenders. The following list is far from exhaustive, but gives an indication of possible career options:

Academic Research, Administration, Advertising, Armed Forces, Banking,Building Society Work, Business, Civil Service, Clerical Work, Community Education, Consumer Protection, Health Service Administration, Insurance, International Relations, Journalism, Law, Local Government, Management, Media, Nursing, Office Work, Police, Politics, Social Care, Social Sciences, Social Work, Sociology, Teaching, Town and Country Planning, Trade Union Work


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