Madras College

Message from the Chair



From Dr Marc Rochester, Chair, Madras College Parent Council

As Chair of the Madras College Parent Council, I am delighted to invite any parent or carer to join the Parent Forum.  This meets several times a year on Wednesday evenings, and all parents/carers are entitled to attend.  From the Parent Forum we draw the members of the Parent Council, which discusses and votes on various issues of concern.  At present, we are still recruiting members of the Parent Council, so any parents or carers wishing to be part of the Council should contact me at the email below.


 In addition to our regular meetings, any member of the Parent Forum is welcome to access our Facebook page, for regular updates on our work and information on relevant organisations and activities. 


 Any parent or carer who wishes to be included in correspondence concerning the Council (including details of meetings) should send me their email address for inclusion on our mailing list.  And please feel free to contact me if you have any other feedback, questions, or concerns about the work of the Parent Council. 


I can be contacted at email via