Madras College

Home Economics: S1-3 Course Information


The aim of the course is to develop pupils’ life skills, promoting an awareness of

 good hygiene; healthy eating principles, as well as practical cooking and textile skills.

As food from practical lessons is taken home, there is an expectation that all pupils

 will bring a suitable container. Pupils are asked to contribute towards the cost of

ingredients and textiles.


S1 Courses

Getting Started

  • - Introduction to food hygiene and safety
  • - Introduction to food preparation techniques
  • - Introduction to equipment
  • - Introduction to cooker safety.

Know Your Nutrients

  • - Looking at key nutrients and identifying their sources and functions.

Eat Like A Champ

  • - Looking at the Eatwell Plate
  • - Identifying different food groups
  • - Investigating dietary targets.

Sewing – Bag for Life

  • - Looking at recycling and upcycling.
  • - Looking at fast fashion

Introduction to sewing techniques



Pupils are expected to complete homework relevant to the current topic, to enhance their



Pupils will be assessed in the following ways;

  • Most units are formally assessed using written, short answer questioning techniques.

 This will provide information about how well pupils have understood the knowledge

of the subject.

  • Practical Skills are assessed continually throughout the year to measure progress.


S3 Courses

The course offers pupils valuable information and skills to help build a strong basis for

 career opportunities in Health and Food for example; hospitality, health/nutrition,

 sports nutrition, food science, health promotion and product development to name a few.


  • Food for Health

On completion pupils will gain a certificate in Elementary Food hygiene.

  •  Fakeaways
  •  Contemporary Food Issues