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History - National 4/5


History lends itself to the development of literacy skills, particularly reading comprehension and analytical writing. In this course the learner will develop an understanding of key issues and events related to Scotland, Britain and the wider world. These skills lead to progression on to either National 5 or Higher courses.

We look forward to helping you undertake the National course and supporting you in preparing for assessment and your final exam in May (for N5 pupils). The department offers study support to help pupils consolidate course material and prepare for assessment. It also provides pupils with a little extra help outside timetabled classes.

Course Content

There are a wide variety of approaches used in teaching this course, including debates, independent reading linked to class discussions, and guided question and answer tasks. This process will give a sound grasp of the knowledge and understanding related to these topics, and aids the development of sound analytical skills through looking at a variety of sources.

Scottish History: The Era of the Great War, 1910-1928

• The experience of Scottish soldiers on the Western Front
• The impact of war on society and culture
• The impact of war on Industry and the Economy
• The impact of war on Politics

British History: The Atlantic Slave Trade, 1780-1807

• Triangular Trade
• Britain and the Caribbean
• The captive's experience and slave resistance
• The abolitionist campaigns

European and World History: Nazi Germany, 1919-1939

• The establishment and collapse of the Weimar republic after WW1.
• The Nazi’s Rise to Power.
• Nazi control of Germany.
• The Nazi’s social and economic policies.

Useful Resources


All 3 Units are assessed internally and then externally moderated. The learner will be fully prepared for this through ongoing question practice as the course progresses. There is also an Added Value Investigation as part of the course requirement at both N4 and N5 level.

  Assessment Comments When
  Unit Assessments All 3 units must be passed to be presented for the final N5 exam) Ongoing
  N4 Added Value Unit   Jan / Feb
  N5 Course Assignment In this Unit, learners will choose an issue for personal study drawn
from historical contexts. They will research their chosen issue
and present their findings.
20 marks  - 25% of final grade
  N5 History Exam 60 marks - 75% of final grade May


  • Higher History

  • Advanced Higher History