Madras College

History - Higher

Two units, of Britain, 1851-1951, and The Growth of Nationalism: Italy, 1815-1939, are covered in preparation for the essay questions in the exam. The British Unit covers the evolution of British democracy and the social reforms of the Liberal and Labour Governments. The Italian Unit is more character based and looks at the fascinating leaders as Italy moved towards unification. The latter half deals with the rise of fascism under Mussolini.

The Source Handling unit is 'The Act of Union, 1707'. In this topic we study the background to the Union with reference to Scotland's economic, political and social problems which generate multiple reasons for and against the Union. The actual passing of the Act is then discussed and is brought to a conclusion with a study of the short and long term consequences of Union.

Pupils will also have to write an extended essay in March based on personal research on any of the above topics. This carries 30% of the final mark.