Madras College

Health and Food Technology

Assessment National 5




Question Paper


1 hour 50 minutes



January – end March


Assessment Higher




Question Paper  


1 hour 30 minutes



January – end March  



Twice a week, to be returned one week later.

The homework is used to track the pupil’s knowledge and understanding of the course work.


Study Club for will be held every Monday/ Tuesday/ Wednesday


Key Dates


AB Assessment

November 2020



February 2021



National 5 - end of March 2021

Higher Completed - end of March 2021


Question Paper


Skills, Knowledge and Understanding for the Course

Candidates must be able to:

  • understand the functions, the effects on health and sources of the following nutrients:

          — protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin A, vitamin B group, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E,  calcium, iron, sodium


  • understand the functions and the effects on health of:

          — water, dietary fibre and energy

  • explain dietary needs of the following individuals and groups:

Ø  babies and toddlers 

Ø  elderly

Ø  children

Ø  pregnant women

Ø  teenagers

Ø  vegetarians

Ø  adults



  • demonstrate knowledge and understanding of current dietary advice and the effect on the health of individuals of following the identified advice
  • explain the effects of the following diet-related diseases or conditions on health:

          — obesity, dental caries, coronary heart disease, bowel disease, anaemia, high blood  

              pressure, osteoporosis

  • describe the benefits to health of a balanced and varied diet
  • explain appropriate standards of hygiene and safety necessary when carrying out food

     production tasks

  • explain the following stages of the food product development process:

          — concept generation, concept screening, prototype production, product testing, first

              production run, marketing plan, product launch

  • explain a range of the functional properties of the following ingredients in a range of food products:

          — eggs, flour, sugar, fat, milk

  • explain how the following range of factors and contemporary food issues affect a consumer’s choice of foods:

Ø  budget

Ø  nutritional knowledge

Ø  lifestyle

Ø  health/allergies

Ø  advertising and the media

Ø  food labelling

Ø  environmental and ethical issues (food miles, organic produce, sustainability, seasonality, Fair Trade, recycling/packaging)

  • describe how the following technological developments are used in food production:

          — food additives, cook-chill products, modified atmosphere packed products, Ultra Heat Treated products

  • describe how the following consumer organisations protect the consumer:

Ø  Environmental Health Department

Ø  Consumers Association

Ø  Trading Standards Department

Ø  Citizens’ Advice Bureau

Ø  Food Standards Scotland

Ø  Advertising Standards


  • identify and use appropriate techniques from the following range to use to investigate health and consumer issues:

          — questionnaire, survey, interview, sensory testing, literary/internet search


Study Resources


SQA Past papers



National 4 and 5 Health and Food Technology Course Notes

Leckie and Leckie


National 4 and 5 Health and Food Technology Success Guide

Leckie and Leckie


N5 Health and Food Technology

Bright Red Study Guide




Name of Organisation/source

Possible Resources Available

Food Standards Scotland

Food hygiene and safety information.

British Nutrition Foundation

Information on nutrition, healthy eating, lifestyles, dietary diseases, nutritional analysis programme, sensory testing, podcasts, cooking videos, downloadable resources and more.

BBC Bitesize

Information on nutritional properties, functional properties, food product development, social and environmental issues, and more

Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS)

Food hygiene and food for health information and courses.

Royal Highland Education



 BBC Good Food

Trust Information on farming, countryside and commodities.


Information relating to functional properties, recipes and food ingredient information.

Soil Association

Information relating to organic farming and sustainable farming methods.

Fair Trade Foundation

Videos relating to Fair Trade products, methods and communities.

Citizens Advice

Provides practical advice and support on consumer issues and goods and services.

Trading Standards

Information on fair trading, illegal trading, product safety weights and measures and underage sales.

Consumers Association

Helps consumers make informed choices on consumer goods and services.