Madras College

Graphic Communication 

The Graphic Communication course provides progression mainly from the craft, design, engineering and graphics experiences and outcomes. Candidates broaden their skills in a creative environment and are encouraged to exercise imagination, creativity and logical thinking.

The course allows candidates to develop an awareness of graphic communication as an international language and an understanding of how graphic communication technologies impact on society and the environment.

Candidates initiate, develop and communicate ideas graphically, and develop spatial awareness and visual literacy through graphic experiences. They interpret graphic communications initiated by others, and use graphic communication equipment, software and materials effectively.

The course also provides opportunities to build self-confidence and enhance skills in numeracy, ICT, planning and organising work tasks, and in working independently and in collaboration with others. Candidates develop skills in critical thinking, decision making and communication.

Graphic Communication - National 4

Graphic Communication - National 5

Graphic Communication - Higher