Madras College

Dance - National 5

Purpose and Aims

The purpose of the National 5 Dance course is to enable candidates to develop a range of dance and choreographic skills. Candidates develop and reflect on technical and creative skills through practical learning. They gain an understanding of the origins of dance and the impact of theatre arts. The course aims to enable candidates to:

  • demonstrate and apply knowledge and understanding of dance
  • develop a range of technical dance skills
  • develop performance skills to enhance performance
  • develop knowledge, understanding and appreciation of dance practice
  • understand and apply knowledge of a range of choreographic skills to create a dance
  • evaluate their own work and the work of others
  • work imaginatively and demonstrate creativity
  • co-operate, support and work with others
  • consider how theatre arts can enhance a performance
  • apply the principles of safe dance practice



Component Marks         Scaled Mark  
Questions Paper 30 20
Practical Activity 65 45
Performance 35 35