Madras College

Dance - Higher

Purpose and Aims

The course inspires and challenges candidates by giving them the opportunity to create, appreciate and perform dance. Candidates use knowledge and understanding of dance techniques and choreographic skills to inform practice, and develop skills in appreciating and evaluating dance practice and theatre arts. Candidates learn how to use dance techniques and choreography creatively to enhance performance. They experiment with a range of dance styles and learn how to apply them to enhance their own performances and the performances of others. Candidates also explore the use of theatre arts in dance.

The course enables candidates to:

  • develop a broad range of technical dance skills
  • evaluate technical and performance skills in their own work and that of others
  • understand and apply the principles of safe dance practice
  • demonstrate, understand and apply knowledge of a range of choreographic principles and theatre arts to create a dance for a group
  • work imaginatively and demonstrate creativity through problem solving, critical thinking, analysis and reflective practice
  • co-operate, support and work with others
  • consider how theatre arts can enhance a performance
  • develop knowledge, understanding and appreciation of dance practice
  • analyse the use of theatre arts in a professional choreography
  • evaluate the impact of choreographic principles used in a professional dance


Component Marks       Scaled Mark  
Question Paper 40 30
Practical Activity 70 30
Performance 70 40