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Business/Business Managment


Business plays an important role in society, as it creates wealth, prosperity employment and choices. It is therefore essential to have effective businesses and business managers to sustain this role.

In their study of Business at N3/4, and Business Management from N5 through to Advanced Higher, learners will develop an understanding of the economic and financial environment in which business organisations operate. This will enable them to make effective contributions to society as consumers, employees and entrepreneurs.

Developing their understanding of the dynamic, changing, competitive and economic environment of industry and commerce, learners will enhance their ability to analyse and evaluate business information, making decisions to effect positive business change.

Through their study of Business Management, learners will also develop their skills for learning, life and work – such as communication, research, decision-making and enterprise – as well as developing skills and qualities that will contribute positively to any college or university application.


Business - National 4

Business Management - National 5

Business Management - Higher

Business Management - Advanced Higher


Careers in Business/Business Management

Having an understanding of how business organisations operate in the global trading environment will prepare all learners to contribute positively to the workplace and seek careers in a wide range of employment settings in the Private, Public and Third sectors of the economy.


  • Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Retail
  • Health Service Management
  • Financial Services/Banking
  • Education/Teaching
  • Sports and Leisure Management
  • Central/Local Government
  • Human Resources/Recruitment
  • Digital Marketing/Promotion
  • Project Management
  • Business Ownership