BBC News School Report: Session 2013-2014
Scotland Must Decide


This year, Scotland is on the verge of one of the biggest decisions in the country’s history. On Thursday the 18th of September a referendum will be held to answer the question: “Should Scotland be an independent country?” The SNP government are campaigning to promote the idea of independence, while the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties are opposing them, encouraging the public to vote to stay with the UK. While the final decision lies in the hands of the public, what arguments help the people make their decisions?


Report with opinions from local politicians.


Scottish Independence - For or Against?


This is a video presenting both sides of the arguement for and against independence in the run up to the referendum on September 18th, 2014. Cameron presents his 'YES' views on the benefits of Scotland becoming an independent country while Thomas offers compelling reasons for a 'NO' vote.

News Report


Watch their video presentation


Madras Talent Show


On an evening where Madras College showed off its wealth of performing talent, Charlotte and Isobel (our intrepid reporters) were busying themselves in search of a 'scoop'. They interviewed some of the contestants as well as members of the audience to see what they thought of the acts.


Watch the interviews and snippets of some acts.