S2 Journalism Showcase

Articles - February 2013    

With Valentine's day falling in February, what better time to have an article about the ideal man (if there is such a thing). Find out who the girls of the Journalism class think are ideal for them.....


The Ideal Man
(Siobhan Meldrum)

Articles - January 2013
Cameron McKay on an expedition Fundraiser!
(Kay Emmins 2C2)
Darren Shan - Author
(Cameron Albiston)
What does it mean to you to be Scottish?
(Siobhan Meldrum and Aleisha Morris)

Christmas Articles - December 2012    
Top 10 Songs and Films
(Mauragh Scott-Hosie and Heather McConnell)
Unhappy Christmas
(Nina Munro)
St Bernards and Christmas
(Josh Smith and Jordan McLean)
Top Christmas Jumpers
(Kay Emmins)
Find Pudsey - Children in Need
(Rebekah Russell)
All They Want for Christmas
(Caitlin Stewart)
Cristmas Clothing
(Jordan McLean)
Pudsey Fever  
Hassle Free Christmas
(Kay Emmins)
The Choice Between Heating and Eating
(Caitlin Stewart)
Winter Weather
(Rebekah Russell)

Articles - November 2012
Email interview with Paralypic swimmer Ellie Simmonds
(Rebekah Russell)
Feature on animal cruelty
(Kay Emmins and Jordan McLean)
Anti Bullying Week
(Mauragh Scott-Hosie and Heather McConnell)

Olympic Torch - June 2012    

Inspired by the visit of the Olympic Torch to St. Andrews, some avid reporters from Miss Birmingham's S2 Journalism class have written the following articles:


Olympic Chariots of Fire Re-run at West Sands
(Caitlin Stewart 2P1)
Madras Pupils run with Olympic Torch
(Josh Smith 2P3)
Torch Reaches the Home of Golf
(Kay Emmins 2C5)
Olympic Torch in Leuchars
(Rebekah Russell and Aleisha Morris)