S1 Journalism Showcase

May 2014

Catwalk Style
- What's chic on the catwalk and where we can buy it cheaply.
Fashion - Some fashion ideas.
Pastels in Fashion - An assemblage of fashion accessories in pastel.
Interior Design - Wise advice and tips about designing and decorating room interiors.
Kitchen Design - Inspirational ideas about contemporary and traditional kitchen designs.
Fashion Trends 2014 - What styles are in vogue in 2014?
Football Espana - World Champions Spain - what are their prospects at this summers World Cup finals?
Summer Fashion 1 - Three articles about what's hot this summer for the ladies.
Summer Fashion 2    
Summer Fashion 3    
Teens - Makeup and Clothing for teenage girls.




May 2013    



What's hot this summer for the ladies to wear and what are the Celebs wearing?


February 2013    

School Lunches


The controversial issue about whether pupils should be allowed to make their own choices about where they go for lunch. Shannon Stewart, Daisy Johnston & Ellie Clayton get views from pupils and a dinner lady.


December 2012    

Keys to Success


Find out about a Madras pupil's 24-hour marathon non-stop piano playing.