Teacher Spotlight - Ms Comber













This week the spotlight falls upon Dorothy Comber - veteran English teacher of Madras. Courtney Gardiner picks her brain about literature and education.


Full Name:

Dorothy Jane Comber

  Place of Birth:
Started studying law before switching in later life to an English Degree.
Reading, jigsaws, tap dancing
  Interesting fact:
Climbed Machu Picchu in Peru


How are you finding the school year so far?

Ms Comber
Great! I feel very lucky to teach at Madras, the school has such good students, particularly the debaters whom I’ve had the pleasure of coaching for many years.


The current S6 will be off to university next year, how was your own time as a student?

Ms Comber
I did my English degree later in life. In my youth I started a Law degree before deciding it wasn’t for me and I went into work and had children. Since the age of 5 I had always wanted to teach and I came back to education to study English.


What advice would you give to next year’s leavers?

Ms Comber
Enjoy your time at university because you will never get it back!


What is your favourite literature to teach?

Ms Comber
Shakespeare. The richness and beauty of his language is captivating, and I have a great passion for his work.


Finally, in 5 words, describe your style of teaching.

Ms Comber Passionate, humourous, chaotic, thoughtful, forgiving.


Thanks for your time.

by Courtney Gardiner