Teacher Spotlight - Mrs Payne













This week, Catherine Macrae chats to English teacher EMILY PAYNE on her job and role within Madras


Full Name:

Emily Geraldine Payne

  Place of Birth:
Aberdeen University
Baking, reading, running, and most importantly, gossiping.
  Interesting fact:
Ran a half marathon only two weeks ago!


How does your experience at Madras compare to other schools?

Mrs Payne
I love it here! It is a school which is so accepting of all kinds of kids – everyone finds their group. The variety of talented pupils in Madras is amazing; musically, dramatically and in sport. I love the chance for a night out to see these performances – especially the talent show!


You have recently been involved in the school’s tennis club, what is it that you do?

Mrs Payne
It is probably best described as assistant or motivator or, more accurately, driver. Despite never having played tennis and still not being quite clear on the rules, I am definitely relishing my new role, always ready to supply car rides and snacks whenever needed.


Another hobby that you are somewhat notorious for is shopping, is it not?

Mrs Payne
Mr. Payne may tell me it is an illness, but I can’t get enough of it!


What is it that got you interested in teaching?

Mrs Payne
My mum was an English teacher herself, so naturally teaching was the one career I beyond doubt didn’t want to do! Instead I tried a postgraduate in personnel management – but it was definitely not for me. I thought I would try my hand at teaching, and on my very first day in front of a class I knew I’d made the right decision. It is something I have never looked back on.


Thank you very much for your time.

by Catherine Macrae