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This week the spotlight falls upon Hannah Ham, new geography teacher and former Madras pupil. Alex Fyfe puts her through a barrage of questions.


Full Name:

Hannah Ham

  Place of Birth:
Madras College, University of Aberdeen (MA Hons Physical Geography), Met Office Weather Forecaster Trained (Exeter), University of Aberdeen (PGDE).
Golf, Squash, Hill walking (especially in the Lake District).
  Interesting fact:
Played the bass guitar in my last school's staff band. Met and was photographed with Ray Winston when he visited the troops in Camp Bastion, Afghanistan.


How did you feel coming back to teach at the school you were a pupil at?

Mrs Ham
Excited to be honest! Although a little nervous; not a lot had changed though it definitely felt smaller!


You worked as a weather forecaster for the Royal Air Force in Afghanistan, what memories of that do you have?

Mrs Ham
Being surrounded by lots of external pressures; especially the risk of regular shell attacks from insurgents. It was very rewarding working with units from all over the world and civilian pilots. My favourite forecast was for the military working dogs!


Best and worst memories of Madras as a pupil?

Mrs Ham
Best has to be the geography field trip to the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales of course! Worst was being on the phone speaking to UCAS at Glasgow university after being told I hadn't got a place only to discover I had phoned the wrong department!


Any changes since you were a pupil?

Mrs Ham
Ties have become a lot lower! And the blazers are very smart.


Dream dinner party guests?

Mrs Ham My husband, Daniel Craig, Brian Adams, David Attenborough and Kim Wilde!


What's on your iPod?

Mrs Ham Loads of stuff! Emile Sande, Dire Straights and any classic 80s tunes!


Any advice to aspiring geographers?

Mrs Ham Study what you enjoy, then turn everyone else into (physical!) geographers!


Thanks for your time.

by Alex Fyfe


A keen golfer


Walking in the Lake District


Physical Geography in the Alps


Launching a weather balloon
in Kabul


On shift in Basra after a
rocket attack


Meeting Ray Winston
in Camp Bastion