Teacher Spotlight - Mr Wotherspoon













This week, Simona Stojanovska speaks to the Head of Art - Richard Wotherspoon.


Full Name:

Richard Wotherspoon

  Place of Birth:
Girvan Academy, Edinburgh College of Art
Reading, Stargazing, Physics, Painting
  Interesting fact:
I won a scholarship to Yale University and my first teaching job was at Madras College.


As an Art teacher do you get many chances to focus on your own work as well as overseeing your pupils work?

Mr Wotherspoon
It is quite difficult to find the time and the headspace to do it, seeing as there are periods within the calendar where the course becomes intense, like between now and Easter. Though it is invigorating and helps to sustain your interest and passion; sadly, I can’t see myself painting ever again in a classroom.


Do you feel Art is sometimes regarded as a lesser subject in school curriculums?

Mr Wotherspoon
It depends on if you view it as being easy, because then you’ll approach it as if it were easy. If you take it seriously, however, it is one of the most demanding courses you’ll ever do. Art requires a high degree of thought as well as skill, often the concepts you are dealing with are quite philosophical and will require a degree of problem solving, making it just as demanding as any other subject. Within Art there is no recognisable route through all the work – it’s unpredictable, which is what makes it different, not lesser.


What advice would you give to someone interested in pursuing Art and Design as a career?

Mr Wotherspoon
Artists play a crucial role in society as they confront us and present us with new ways of looking at the world and new ideas. You should look for a stimulus in what you do, otherwise it very easy to feel beaten down, and try to find other ways to make Art and to do Art.


Thank you for your time.

by Simona Stojanovska