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This week the spotlight falls upon Dougie Walker, teacher of Design and Technology. Catherine Vallis takes a walk on the wild side to find out what makes this charismatic man 'tick'.


Full Name:

Dougie Walker

  Place of Birth:
Kirkcaldy High School
Hill walking and canoeing
  Interesting fact:
Spent three days leading camels over the desert.


Why did you become a teacher?

Mr Walker
I worked as an engineer for many years, I’ve only been teaching for 8 years now. Part of my job was educating clients in how to use equipment and I enjoyed that. My brother and my sister are also teachers, so I decided it was too hard being an engineer and took the easy life as a teacher- how wrong was I?


Did your brother and sister not warn you?

Mr Walker
They had said it was a demanding job, but at that time my brother had a full head of hair so I didn’t believe him.


Did you teach at any schools before Madras?

Mr Walker
I worked at a school in Dundee, Braeview Academy. It was a baptism of fire because I’d just come straight out of college and I was naïve and thought everyone was desperate to learn and it was a very, very, very steep learning curve. I loved it, a lot of good kids. They gave me a present when I left. On my last day there was a group of them who had caused me no end of trouble, and they came up and put the present on my desk, and it was even wrapped. It was a wallet, and I honestly, I felt quite emotional.


You’ve been involved in ‘Duke of Edinburgh’ for a while now, any best moments?

Mr Walker
A funny moment I suppose, was when a group of girls did Thai Chi on a hillock in the middle of nowhere and it was completely silent. The most funny thing that’s ever happened, was probably when a group crashed a wedding. There was a beautiful highland wedding and the group took a wrong turn and ended up calling us from the phone in the room where the bride and bridesmaids were doing their hair and make up.


Any advice for people leaving school?

Mr Walker
Realise how fantastic you are. Realise how many opportunities you’ve got and keep that self-belief.


Did you?

Mr Walker
Yes, that’s the thing about getting old you realise how fantastic you were when you were young. See because, when you’re old you’re like a smooth pebble which has been worked on but when you’re young you’re rough and yet to be shaped.


Thanks for your time.

by Catherine Vallis


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