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In a new Diary feature, the Diary Team spotlight will fall upon an unsuspecting member of staff. This week - Mr Magnus Latona of the Computing Department.


Full Name:

Magnus Angus Neil Latona

  Place of Birth:
Falkirk High School, Dundee University - Degree in Maths & Computer Science, Jordanhill Teaching College
Cycling, mountaineering, football (support Dundee United), travelling, food, beer and whisky – love to cook!
  Interesting fact:
Appeared on the Big Breakfast (TV show) with Chris Evans in 1994.



So how are you enjoying being the ‘Madras Webmaster’?

Mr Latona
There’s an awful lot of personal time involved in maintaining it and I'd prefer to be out and about playing on my bike or horsing up a mountain. I do like the fact that it keeps me up-to-date with what is happening within the school. What I enjoy most is that it has become a widely popular source for school news. It has been live in its new format for less than a year and already we are approaching 25,000 hits.


You are a teacher of Computing but do you see yourself as being very technologically orientated?

Mr. Latona
Yes and no! I appreciate the value of using computers as a tool and to be creative but I wouldn't say Computing is a hobby. I use it as something useful; I wouldn’t use a computer just for the sake of using a computer. By contrast some would consider me a mobile phone caveman - I've got a rubbishy phone (its 6 years old) but it does all I need it to - I can text and phone. Beyond that I'm really not that bothered.


What piece of advice would you give to someone who is interested in a career in computing?

Mr. Latona
You have got to keep up with what is happening and you should be passionate about it. However, you need to keep a balance within your life as it can be quite an unhealthy lifestyle since you can easily spend most of your time working solidly at the computer - especially programmers and digital artists who work to tight deadlines. Keep your mind fresh and go out to do other activities regularly. It makes you more productive when you DO work on the computer.


Thank you for your time Mr Latona!

by Simona Stojanovska


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