Teacher Spotlight - Mr Duncan













This week’s member of staff to fall under the Teacher Spotlight is Design and Technology teacher Ken Duncan, as he chats to Rory Lamb.


Full Name:

Ken Duncan

  Place of Birth:
Forres, Morayshire
Forres Academy, Aberdeen College of Education
Playing golf (handicap 10) and a member of St Michaels Golf Club. Travelling to foreign countries and enjoying the local food and drink. Walking, mainly around the beautiful village of Balmullo. Cooking and enjoying a glass of wine whilst doing so.
  Interesting fact:
Spent nearly 10 years teaching at Otahuhu College, Auckland, NZ


What prompted you to become a teacher in Design and Technology?

Mr Duncan
I was always interested in repairing and making things and teaching provided the opportunity to pass on my knowledge and enthusiasm. And the holidays!


What’s your favourite thing about teaching in D and T?

Mr Duncan
You never get bored, there’s always a new problem to solve whether in practical craft or graphic communication. Also, being part of a great team.


Is it a challenge having to teach a variety of subjects within the department?

Mr Duncan
Yes. You always have to learn new techniques or skills and remember where you put the pupils work.


How do you feel the D and T subjects contribute to the skills and development of pupils?

Mr Duncan
They provide the opportunity to develop a range of practical, analytical and graphical skills that pupils don’t experience elsewhere.

What are your hopes for the New Year?

Mr Duncan To get my golf handicap down to single figures!


Well good luck with that and thanks for your time.

by Rory Lamb