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In a new Diary feature, the Diary Team spotlight will fall upon an unsuspecting member of staff. This week - Mr Olav Darge, formerly Head of English now Depute Rector.


Full Name:

Olav Alexander Livingstone Darge

  Place of Birth:
Bo'ness Academy, Glasgow University
Hillwalking, cycling, skiing, tennis and of course, reading and writing
  Interesting fact:
Worked on a nudist beach (clothed) selling doughnuts



So you are now the new Head of Priory, a hefty responsibility, are you enjoying your new position?

Mr Darge
I am really enjoying my new role. There is never a dull moment! I particularly enjoy working with students in a different way. I really want to help the school function cohesively and I think the House system helps this. My other colleagues in the SMT are fun to work with and there is a really good esprit de corps. We are all committed to helping the school run not just efficiently but well.


Do you ever regret leaving your old post?

Mr Darge
The English department is really strong at Madras and I’ve been a department Head for about fifteen years. I think it was time for the department to have a change. But I also needed a fresh challenge. I still would like to keep my time in the classroom, I adore these moments when you shut the door and build that rapport with the students that you’re working with.


If you were to give a piece of general advice to someone entering 5th and 6th year, what would it be?

Mr Darge
It is all about attainment. Go to class. Try to understand, go back over things and be sure to understand them. Get passionate about your education. If you can transfer that passion that some boys have, for remembering a football match from thirty years ago, into the subject, then we’d be turning out geniuses. Not just yearly, but daily. Everybody would be a genius.


Thank you for your time.

by Tom Smout



The multi-talented Mr. Darge


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