Ohio Exchange 2016/2017

Maggie Morris, Upper Arlington High School Junior and partner of Micah Scott reflects on her experiences on the Ohio Exchange.

So here we are, the last day of our much anticipated Scottish Exchange. We have gone through flight delays and cancellations, spent eight plus hours in the Newark airport, and have had numerous Americans and Scots fall ill yet I can confidently say that these short ten days have been some of the best of our lives. We have forged such strong friendships, both overseas and within our own schools, which never would have happened if not for this experience.

This trip has gone by so fast I can't get my head around how we could already be packed and ready to go. As we have been here it has gotten to feel so much more like home, like somewhere I could spend the rest of my life, surrounded by a beautiful country and a strong sense of community. I have even been playing with the idea of applying to the university here in hopes of furthering my cultural education. But that's in a year or so for me; I'm just about to finish my junior year of high school, so I have a little time.

Huge thanks extended to your country and to Madras College for welcoming our crew for an extended period of time. I hope you had the chance to meet us and spend a little time chatting with us, whether in school or out. I know I had a great time, but truthfully after this insanely packed schedule I can't wait to get home and a take a nice relaxing bath.

Ohio visit to scotland