Namibia Teaching Program 2011

In July 2011 29 pupils and staff from Madras College travelled to Namibia to enjoy a life changing experience.

“The best 3 weeks of my life! Africa is the most beautiful place you could ever travel to, the people are so amazingly friendly.”
Lauren Rae

“Going to Namibia was the best thing I have ever done in my life!! The experience was so rewarding.”
Judith Delargy

These quotes express the feelings of the whole group. Here is some more information about our trip:

After a long journey together the group split in three and travelled their separate ways to different regions and schools in the north of the country. One hour north of the capital city, Windhoek, we soon started to see the diversity and poverty of the country.

The 10 hour bus journey was worth it for each group when they were welcomed with warmth and excitement from the staff, pupils and members of the local community. The overwhelming displays of gratitude, kindness and interest continued for the duration of the trip and will never be forgotten.


The groups spent two weeks working in the rural schools teaching a range of subjects. Everybody involved was amazed by the attitude of the learners and their desire to learn. They understood how hard their families were working to afford their education and were fully focused on learning and passing their exams so that they could go on to improve the lives of their family and help to transpire Namibia into its vision of an industrialised country. As a result they were des to learn, work hard and showed great respect to their teachers. They were happy to be at school despite the poor conditions of the school, accommodation and lack of facilities and equipment.

The Madras College group worked hard to encourage active learning within the classrooms and get the learners involved in discussion and group work - learning experiences that were alien to them. The group had worked hard throughout the year to fundraise to buy equipment and resources for the schools. The school Christmas card scheme also allowed us to present them with dictionaries and supported the transportation of science and maths equipment. We used some of the purchased resources to support our teaching and hope they can make a difference. Now that we know their needs we can prepare to make an even greater impact next year.

The group also had the opportunity to enjoy some of the tourist attractions Namibia has to offer. A weekend in Etosha National Park allowed us to witness magnificent creatures in their natural habitat and take breathtaking pictures. A trip to Swakopmond finished the holiday on a high with exhilarating sandboarding and quad biking on the incredibly high sand dunes.

We hope to continue the links with the three schools in Namibia in future years. We believe that we can make a difference to the learning experience of the learners in Namibia and look forward to working with the staff to help them develop their teaching styles. Pupils and staff can find out more information and pictures on our Glow blogs: Click here for Glow login

Mrs Seeley - August 2011