Namibian Representatives visit Madras
Madras senior pupils have been given the life changing opportunity to visit Namibia in the summer of 2011. Madras College and the Namibian Consul of Scotland are working together on a project to enable S5 and S6 pupils to teach in one of Namibia's rural schools for 3 weeks.

The High Commissioner of the Republic of Namibia in the United Kingdom and the First Secretary for the Commonwealth and Education visited Madras to meet some of the pupils going on the trip. The pupils had the opportunity to ask them questions about Namibia and discuss their visit.


Front row from left:
Martha Uumati - Namibian citizen studying at St Andrews University and mother one of our pupils,
George M. Liswaniso - The High Commissioner of Namibia, Ian Jones - Madras Rector,
Ms Morina Muuondjo - The First Secretary for the Commonwealth and Education,
Lynsey Seeley - Depute Headteacher and trip organiser.

Back row from left:
Caitlin Paterson, Josh Hughes, Paul Thompson, Fiona Meek, Alan Bernard - Namibian Consul for Scotland.


Madras pupils meeting the Namibian representatives.

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