News and Success Stories : Session 2016 - 2017

  • Saturday 24th June

    Kiel Exchange Diamond Jubilee

    What an achievement! We believe that our German exchange with the Kieler Gelehrtenschule in Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein is the oldest unbroken school-to- school exchange between the two countries. To celebrate this amazing milestone in the history of the exchange, a number of special activities took place during the 60th exchange visit.

    Thirty-one German pupils, accompanied by Herr Schoeneich, the headteacher of the KGS, Frau Sendler -Steer, the German exchange leader and Herr Krause, enjoyed the warm hospitality of their Scottish host families for 10 days. The weather was kind, blue sky and sunshine for most of the visit, which allowed the German group to see Scotland at its best. The German group enjoyed visits to St Andrews Castle and St Andrews Cathedral as well as day trips to Stirling (the Wallace Monument and Stirling Castle) and Edinburgh (Edinburgh Castle and the National Museum of Scotland). There was also time for a visit to the Golf Driving Range in St Andrews and the Fisheries Museum in Anstruther.

    'Alumni' from both the German and Scottish sides of the exchange joined the 60th exchange group on a number of occasions during the week. Two members of the Madras 1957 exchange group, Irene Bennett and Anne Morris, and former Madras exchange leader, Donald Macgregor, joined pupils of the current exchange for a 'Question Time' session. Fife Council held a Civic Reception in the South Street Assembly Hall in recognition of the durability and longevity of our unique partnership. Madras pupils and their Kiel partners attended assemblies in both buildings, giving a presentation about the history of the exchange. Pupils from both schools also visited two of our local primary schools while other partners visited the Rotary Club of St Andrews to highlight within the local community the role which the Kiel Exchange has played over the past six decades. Pipe Band plays for Kiel Exchange
    The highlight for many of the participants was the Anniversary Ceilidh (KIELidh). The Germans have been captivated by the Madras College Pipe Band. The band played on the lawn in front of the South Street building to welcome many former exchange participants to the ceilidh as we handed out flyers (about the history of the exchange) to passers -by and tourists. 'The Diamond' was unveiled at the ceilidh. For many months the Kiel pupils had been working on creating a 'Diamond' mobile, its sides depicting milestones in the history of the exchange. It arrived safely in St Andrews 'flat- packed' (transported by Easyjet) and was constructed by the pupils in the course of the week. An identical 'Diamond' remains in Kiel. The constant motion of the mobile represents the exchange moving forward.

    Special thanks go to the head teachers of both schools for their enthusiasm and support of the exchange. Thanks also to everybody who has supported our fundraising in the course of the year and to those who have contributed to the anniversary programme. We are also very grateful to the UK-German Connection for funding the Diamond Jubilee Anniversary Project. The support of local businesses and organisations – Fisher and Donaldson's, Morrisons, Marks and Spencers and the Kilrymont Rotary Club is much appreciated.
    The durability and longevity of the Madras-Kiel Exchange has surely exceeded the expectations of its creators, Dr John Thompson, former Rector of Madras College and Professor Karl Dietrich Erdmann of Kiel University.

    Thursday 22nd June

    Sports Day Individual Champions 2017

    S1 Boys - Kyle Straith
    S1 Girls - Amaris Cuthbert
    S2 Boys - Scott Christie
    S2 Girls - Aiofe Dow
    S3 Boys - Alastair Dow
    S3 Girls - Nicole Reynolds (not pictured)
    Senior Boys - Struan Christie
    Senior Girls - Katrina Tough
    Adam Scott High Jump Cup – Maurice Batiuluna

    Sports Cup House Winners - Blackfriars sports day champions Many, many thanks for the help and assistance of staff in the running of Sports Day. It proved a little challenging at the start with the weather but the flexibility and co-operation of staff once again made the event run smoothly and efficiently providing a great day of competition for the pupils. Two new records and a really close fought championship made the whole experience special and worthwhile. Thanks to all those who picked up litter, howffed all the equipment back to the pavilion and generally contributed selflessly to make the Department's tasks much easier. Cheers!

    Madras is one of the few schools who maintain a traditional 'whole school' Sports Day and it is to everyone's credit that the day remains a major highlight in the calendar year.

    Mr Tarvet - Principal Teacher - Physical Education
  • Tuesday 30th May - Saturday 3rd June

    Paris Trip by Jake Mikulin

    "Paris is always a good idea" - in the words of Audrey Hepburn. I second that. In fact I'm pretty sure all of us who went to Paris can agree.

    Even though it started off slowly, everything picked up when we got to Hull, where we joined in a disco party on the boat; it was a blast. The next day everyone was tired, but that was just the start.

    When we arrived on the streets of Paris each and every person was buzzing. We saw the landmarks, the different culture and the crazy driving around the Arc de Triomphe. Speaking of the Arc, it gave us our first proper insight into the beautiful city that is Paris and hinted to us an excitement of what was to come. Next we struck a pose in front of the Eiffel Tower on the Trocadero and found waving and cheering at the people sitting on the edge of the River Seine more fun and interesting than looking at the sights. Even Mr Martin got involved.
    Day 3 in Paris: after a sleepy breakfast we arrived underneath the most famous structure in Paris, the Eiffel Tower. Some were afraid of the height, but ended up loving it like the rest of us. After a shopping spree on the Champs Elysees and an eventful wander around the Louvre, we were all worn out, but that didn't phase us over the next few days.

    On Day 4 the group went to the magical place that is Disneyland. It needs no explanation because it was amazing. And on our last morning we had a somewhat peaceful visit to the Sacre-Coeur. Just being there, relaxing and enjoying each other's company was wonderful.

    All in all, through the long periods spent on the coach, close calls and everything else, I just want to show appreciation for and thank, on behalf of everyone that went on this amazing trip, Mr Maskell, Mr Martin, Ms Smith, Miss Dawson and Miss McKeon, for everything they did for us. And finally to Ken our legendary coach driver, we thank you as well.

    Lastly, I greatly recommend this trip to everyone and anyone that gets the opportunity to go on it in the future.

  • SHE++ comes to Madras

    She++ is an initiative run by the University of Stanford in California. Their Ambassador, Sjoukje Ijlstra, a third year Maths student at the University of St Andrews, has worked with senior Computing Science girls at Madras College as part of the She++ initiative since January. The aim of the programme is to encourage girls to consider Computing Science as a career. The girls met mentors (inspirational females involved in Computing Science) and visited the university to attend workshops.

    Sjoukje was recognised for the impact of her leadership across various 'women in tech' initiatives by winning St Andrews Student Leader of the Year Award for 2016/17. Sjoukje was the lead organiser of the first Code-First: Girls Northern Conference and is the lead Python coding instructor for Code-First: Girls at St Andrews. She has also acted as an Ambassador for She++, which has taken her into Madras College to help inspire more girls to engage in technology and computer science. The award panel felt that the leadership Sjoukje demonstrated as a role-model and mentor to other girls was notable. Many congratulations to Sjoujke as the winner of the St Andrews Student Leader of the Year Award 2017. Sjoukje is now in the process of organising a She++ committee within Madras to think of new ways to get more girls involved and excited about computer science.

  • Thursday 30th March

    Success at Bell Baxter Centenary Music Competition

    This year the Young Musician competition was held at Waid Academy. This inter-school competition between Madras, Bell Baxter and Waid is held every year giving three pupils from each school the opportunity to showcase their talents. This year's winner was Micah Scott from Madras and 2nd place went to Sam Vincent-Kilbride, also from Madras.
    Wednesday 29th March

    Debating Success

    Huge congratulations to Aimee Brown, Zoe Mitcham, Joseph Mackie, Baran Tallajooey, Thomas Bidaut and Ewan Redpath for winning the Caithness Cup at St Leonards thus breaking the pattern of the school that hosts the debate winning the debate.

    In addition, we wish Ewan and Lawrence Brown all the very best for a second win in the Donald Dewar competition final which takes place in the Scottish Parliament debating chamber on the 8th June.

    Go Madras - Mrs D Comber
    Friday 24th March

    Red Nose Day

    The total raised for Red Nose Day was an incredible £948.00 which helped us meet our goal of beating last years total!!!

    Thank you to everyone who helped out and contributed to staff raffles, Red Nose Day songs and other events around the school including the interviews for our Mini Ambassadors. In particular, thanks goes to Sarah Dawson and Tammy Band for their meticulous planning of the staff raffle and Morag McManus and the Home Economics department for a brilliant Malteser Bake Sale. Finally, and most importantly because I don't think we sometimes give them the credit they deserve, well done to our wonderful pupils who helped organise and run the events in the hall. They were a real credit to the school and we should be proud of them.

    Thanks again,
    Mr Anderson
    Wednesday 22nd March

    Ohio Exchange

    Maggie Morris, Upper Arlington High School Junior and partner of Micah Scott reflects on her experiences on the Ohio Exchange.

    So here we are, the last day of our much anticipated Scottish Exchange. We have gone through flight delays and cancellations, spent eight plus hours in the Newark airport, and have had numerous Americans and Scots fall ill yet I can confidently say that these short ten days have been some of the best of our lives. We have forged such strong friendships, both overseas and within our own schools, which never would have happened if not for this experience.

    This trip has gone by so fast I can't get my head around how we could already be packed and ready to go. As we have been here it has gotten to feel so much more like home, like somewhere I could spend the rest of my life, surrounded by a beautiful country and a strong sense of community. I have even been playing with the idea of applying to the university here in hopes of furthering my cultural education. But that's in a year or so for me; I'm just about to finish my junior year of high school, so I have a little time.

    Huge thanks extended to your country and to Madras College for welcoming our crew for an extended period of time. I hope you had the chance to meet us and spend a little time chatting with us, whether in school or out. I know I had a great time, but truthfully after this insanely packed schedule I can't wait to get home and a take a nice relaxing bath. science roadshows
    Saturday 18th March

    Fife Burns Competition

    Madras Placings

    Speaking S1/2
    3rd place - Luke Connan

    Instrumental S1/2
    1st place - Zoe Mitcham
    2nd place - Holly Bartlet

    Instrumental S3/4
    1st place - Katie Grieve
    2nd place - Isobel Grieve

    Singing S1/2
    3rd place - Maisie Dury

    Singing S3/4
    3rd place - Natalie Rengger

    Singing S5/6
    2nd place - Eilidh McGhee burns competition
    Thursday 2nd March

    World Book Day

    World Book Day took place in March. During their usual Library Period, pupils from S1 and S3 were invited for an hour of quizzes, games and activities all about books. Run by Mrs Higgins, the School Librarian, pupils enjoyed the event enormously. They were also given a voucher to enable them to buy one of the World Book Day special editions which include famous authors such as Jacqueline Wilson and David Walliams.

    Visiting Speakers

    This term in English we have been lucky enough to draw on the expert knowledge of a variety of outside speakers for both our Senior and Junior classes. In Kilrymont, Glasgow Poet Laureate, Jim Carruth took the Literature Elective Class in which he read and discussed a number of his poems with the pupils.

    In South Street, Ann Bridges, who previously worked at Madras for a number of years, and who has written several books as well as worked for the SQA for many years, delivered lessons on Textual Analysis to the Advanced Higher Class in order to help further prepare them for their exam.

    We were also lucky enough to have Phillip Mallet, from St Andrews University English Department, who delivered a lecture on "Great Expectations" to the Advanced Higher Class.

    Rotary Quiz

    This year's Quiz took place on Wednesday 8th March at Auchmuty High School. With some quite testing rounds on History, Science, Literature and Sport, the team: Baran Talajooy, Maisie Payne, Zoe Mitcham and Ewan Redpath, fared well in the quiz and enjoyed the new format. No dates ties this year though!

    Literature Quiz

    A team of avid readers ventured to Beath High School this term to pit their wits against neighbouring Fife Schools. Organised by the English Department at Beath, pupils were asked a variety of questions on famous authors, novel beginnings and Classic literature. The two teams won a number of spot prizes, with Luca Venditozzi, in particular, showing a remarkable knowledge of literature both past and present. There was also a book swap event, where pupils brought a favourite novel to swap. A really fun day with an armful of books to take home!

  • Wednesday 22nd February

    Physics Roadshow

    Madras College Physics Department in conjunction with St Andrews University, ran a Science roadshow. There were three different classrooms and each one had two or three students doing demonstrations. Zoe Kennovin reports:

    To start with, we went to a room all about waves. There was a plate that vibrated really fast and had salt on it. The salt was to show the standing waves that the plate was creating. If you turned up the frequencythat the plate was vibrating at, then there were different patterns. There was also a plasma ball. It was really cool because of you touched it, you could see the energy going towards you. What was actually happening was that the energy was flowing through you, and into the ground.

    The second room was my favourite. It had one area demonstrating how pressure affects things, which was really interesting. Balloons got bigger or smaller depending what the pressure was. One was showing how magnets work. There was also some experiments involving liquid nitrogen – such a mysterious thing!

    The third station had lots of demonstrations and was really interesting. It was all about the universe and our planets. There was a bit about how the Milky Way and another galaxy will eventually collide which I had never heard of before. Some peope got to sit in a chair that could spin which mysteriously would rotate faster if we brought our arms in closer to our bodies. Also if we were sitting still in the chair and held and tilted a spinning wheel the chair would start to spin.

    Overall I thought this was a great event. I love science! science roadshows
    Thursday 9th February

    Success at the Fife Festival of Music

    Over 100 Madras pupils have took part in competitive and non-competitive solo and group classes at the Fife Music Festival. The pupils all performed extremely well and had a very enjoyable experience.

    Competitive Group Classes
    The Junior, Senior and Mixed Choir all performed in the competitive choral classes and received Platinum Awards.
    The Wind Band performed in the Wind Band class and received a Silver Award.
    The Senior String Orchestra performed in the Orchestra class and received a Gold Award.

    Non–Competitive Group Classes
    The Junior String Orchestra, Clarsach Group and S2 Ensemble Group all performed in the non-competitive Secondary School Class.
    The Staff Choir performanced in the non- competitive Community Choral class.

    Solo Class Winners
    Fin McGhie S2 won the Advanced Piano Class and received an Outstanding award.
    Maisie Dury won the Under 13 Vocal Class and received an Outstanding award.
    Many other Madras pupils performed in solo classes and should be congratulated for their performances.

    Congratulations and well done to all the pupils who performed.
  • Wednesday 11th January

    Folk Music Award

    Congratulations to Katie Grieve S4, Natalie Rengger S3, Zoe Mitcham S2 and Isobel Grieve S4 for winning the 'Hands Up for Trad Landmark' award for their performance in the new and exciting folk group Abercraig. The group recently performed at the Caird Hall and recorded and televised by BBC Alba.

    Click on the image below to see the performance on BBC iPlayer. It starts at 29 minutes.
  • Thursday 15th December

    Christmas Concert

    The pipe band before their performance at the Christmas concert. pipe band
    Wednesday 7th & Thursday 8th December

    Christmas Choral Singers

    Memory Café – Hope Park and Martyrs Church

    A group of talented Kilrymont pupils went along to Hope Park and Martyrs Church on Wednesday the 7th of December to provide entertainment for the memory cafés Christmas party. The pupils sang and played a selection of Christmas and Scottish favourites. Congratulations to the junior pupils and a big thank you to the Memory café for providing such delicious juice and cakes.

    S1 - Ola Lawonska, Maisie Dury, Holly Bartlett
    S2 - Zoe Mitcham, Sheila Wilson, Michael Snodgrass
    S3 - Natalie Rengger, Hope Kennedy

    Tayside and Fife Hospital Christmas Concert for Clic Sargent

    The Senior Girls' and Mixed Choir took part in the Fife and Tayside Charity Hospital Concert at the Caird Hall on the 8th of December. Their programme included 'Angels' Carol', 'Stand Alone', 'Rhythm of Life' and 'Ding Dong Merrily on High'. Many congratulations to all the singers who gave an outstanding performance. christmas choral
    Wednesday 7th December

    Study Skills Initiative

    Every Wednesday in December, S3 pupils are being offered the chance to improve their Study Skills. Led by Mrs Robertson (Head of S3) and the S3 Guidance Team, these sessions will focus on Organisation and Planning, Different Study Techniques, Stress Management and Mindfulness. The first was very well attended, with pupils commenting that they had already started to think about contructing a study timetable and really thinking about how to plan their time. study skills
  • Wednesday 30th November

    Netball Team New Strips

    It's always an exciting day when you get new netball kit but it's even better when you have guests to watch you play in them. Recently, the Madras FP Ladies generously donated funds to the PE department in order to get the Netball team new strips. So last Wednesday the former pupils came to see the seniors play a Fife League match in the fabulous new kit. The ladies watched on as the girls exceeded expectations and won against Beath High School 24-14. The dresses imitate the style of those of international teams which the girls are thrilled by. Many thanks to the lovely Madras FP Ladies!

    by Emma Ramsay netball team in new kit
    Tuesday 29th November

    Toy Drive

    This week marked the end of another extrememly successful Toy Drive for Madras college. Pupils from S1 to S3 and their families donated new toys, games and stocking fillers. These will go to children in the local area. These children are referred by the school and by other Health Professionals and were it not for the generosity of our pupils might not receive any gifts at Christmas. toy drive
    Thursday 17th November

    Children in Need

    This month pupils in Kilrymont Road have been busy raising money for children in Need. Through a combination of The Talent Show, a Treasure Hunt and Bake Sales, they raised over £700. Impressive!! bake sale
    Wednesday 9th November

    Perth Prison Visit - Modern Studies

    On the 9th of November, a group of 9 students went on a visit to Perth Prison to investigate the prison system for our Advanced Higher Modern Studies Dissertation. I was personally trying to discover if Prisons are fit for purpose, as this is my chosen research topic for my dissertation.

    Note: This is a brief extract from the start and finish of the full article.

    Overall, the trip to Perth Prison was a brilliant insight into what prison is really like and opened all of our eyes to the positives that the media doesn't portray. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves during the visit and it undoubtedly will help us as we continue to write our dissertations on the themes of Crime and the Law. 

    by Tinashe Warikandwa perth prison
    Thursday 3rd November

    Battle of the Bands

    Congratulations to Peter Visocchi, Lawrence Brown and Eugene Ritchie who represented Madras College at the Fife Rock school competition. The boys gave a great performance and entertained the audience with their original songs. The judges' comments were very positive.

    'The songs were well crafted and catchy, a bit of REM and other influences. Good standard of musicianship and a driving rhythm section.'
    Wednesday 2nd November

    Halloween Party

    Here are some photos from the Halloweeen Party. halloween party
  • Thursday 27th October

    Talent Show 2016

    The annual Madras Talent Show took place on Thursday 27th October. Showcasing some of Madras' most talented pupils, acts ranged from classical Piano – Jed O'Donnell S3 playing Chopin, to a stunning dance routine by Taine McKinstray in S5. This year, for the first time, several of the acts performed songs that they had written and arranged themselves. Check out the photos here.

    Junior Prize - Aimee Brown and Lena Mackay.
    Senior Prize - Taine McKinstray
    for her dynamic dance routine.
    Overall winner - Jack Parmar for his superb rendition of the Twenty One Pilot's song "Car Radio."

    Congratulations to the Winners and well done to all the performers. talent show
  • Wednesday 28th September

    Debating Matters

    Congratulations to Madras College debating team who won the East of Scotland round of the Debating Matters competition against some very stiff competition. This takes them through to the Scotland/Northern Ireland National Final in Glasgow in February. The team were: Baran Toolajooey, Lawrence Brown, Arin Beaver and Ewan Redpath. by Mrs Comberdebating
    Monday 26th September

    Beach Clean Up

    This week, a group of S3 volunteers took part in a Beach Clean Up at the East Sands in St Andrews. The event, organised by "Keep Scotland Beautiful" involved pupils spending a windy morning cleaning up paper, plastics and other debris from the shoreline. In addition, they recorded the nature of this rubbish, in order to ascertain exactly what is polluting our coastal waters. Finally, assisted by some members of the Royal and Ancient golf club of St Andrews, they planted wild seed which will grow into a meadow and enhance the area. Beach Cleanup
    Friday 23rd September

    Road Safety

    This week as part of the S1 Social Education programme, the travelling theatre company "Baldy Bane Productions" visited Madras College to present a humorous play, with a serious message to the whole of S1. Featuring Roddy Hogg, the hapless teenager, the cast of actors demonstrated a variety of dangerous road traffic scenarios. The pupils came away, well informed but also entertained by the talented cast. Road Safety Assembly
    Monday 12th September

    Dates Ties

    This month the first two S1 pupils to receive coveted Dates Ties were Geordie Harrow and Anna Hedley. Geordie was awarded his for becoming Archery Scottish Junior (U14) Champion and the Scottish Para (U18) Champion.

    Anna came first in her age group, running "The Great North Run." Big congratulations to both. An excellent start to your years at Madras! Dates Ties