Press Cuttings and Success Stories : Session 2013 - 2014

Twin Town Olympiad - Bergama, Turkey - June

This summer, in Bergama, Turkey, seven countries: Italy, Turkey, The Netherlands, Scotland, France, Germany and Austria entered teams of young adults to compete in a variety of different sports. Known as The Twin Town Olympiad Sports, this event, involving around 1000 competitors seeks to encourage youngsters to promote international friendship and understanding, to gain confidence, to foster a sense of pride and achievement and to achieve good sporting standards.

John Vaughan, Fife Olympiad spokesman, explained: “It’s one of the most unique events of its kind and I don’t think it’s replicated in many other places.”


Five pupils from Madras College were selected to represent Scotland, playing basketball in this prestigious event. Nicole Don, Liv Darge, Ines Methven, Sophie Pettegree and Deborah Hart took part in sports such as volleyball, judo, athletics and of course, basketball.

The pupils, proudly waving their saltire flags, enjoyed an experience similar to competing in the real Olympic Games with the lighting of the flame, the opening ceremony followed by the various competitions, and then a closing ceremony. “The food and the toilets were memorably awful,” said one pupil. “All in all though, it was great fun and we enjoyed competing and making friends with the competitors from other countries, especially the Netherlands. Best of all though, was playing basketball all week.”

by Deborah Hart and Nicole Don (June)

Queen's Baton Relay - 26th June

The Queen's Baton Relay for the Glasgow Commonwealth games visited St. Andrews on Thursday 26th June. Many Madras pupils and staff came out to support the event as it passed through the town centre and the West Sands. Sophie Petegree carried the baton past the South Street Building and a large contingent of pupils joined in the parade through the town and the world record ceilidh attempt.

Check out some photo montages of the event.


Carnegie Challenge - 25th June

This week pupils in the Carnegie Critics group put in some intensive reading in order to complete the challenge and vote on the winning book. Pupils who had submitted reviews, filled in Reading Diaries and completed online blogs were invited to a celebration and to receive prizes for their efforts. For the first time ever, the results were streamed live to the pupils, who waited in anticipation to see if they had voted for the same winner as the panel of judges. Kevin Brooks’ “The Bunker Diary” emerged as an outstanding winner. This dark tale, of six people captured and held prisoner in a bunker provoked much discussion and analysis. The English Department has now purchased a set to use as a class novel.


Madras Sports Day - 18th June

Our Sports Day was held in glorious sunny conditions at the Station Park playing fields. The morning softball and rounders matches got the day off to a great start with all houses fully represented throughout the years. Castle house took the overall honours in these events.

Madras College Pipe Band entertained prior to the athletics programme with a stirring set of tunes to get everybody in the mood. Although no school records were broken on the day, every track and field event was keenly contested. With several top athletes missing due to representing Fife at an Olympiad in Turkey, this left the individual championships wider open than usual and everyone was competing for the prestigious awards and medals. The individual year champions are listed here.

The competition concluded with the house relays then the presentations. A special thanks goes to Mrs V Rough who returned to hand out the trophies. A huge thanks goes to all the staff and pupils of Madras College who worked so hard to make this traditional day a great success.

J Tarvet (June)


Lord Bracadale Talk for Modern Studies - 16th June

Alastair Campbell (Lord Bracadale) came into Madras to address all senior pupils taking Modern Studies courses. He spoke about the Scottish criminal justice system and provided detailed information about the different levels of courts, the procedures people go through when they have to go to court and the sentencing of criminals. He shared a PowerPoint about the Scottish criminal justice system and showed the Channel 4 documentary ‘The Murder Trial’. The documentary covered the trial of Nat Fraser and Alastairs involvement as a judge for trials in the High Court in Edinburgh. Pupils found the visit most interesting and learned a great deal about the criminal justice system. They also enjoyed learning about the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal service. Many commented that it was fascinating to hear the perspective of someone who has such a high role in the Scottish criminal justice system.

By Rachel Coull and Sarah Thomson (June)


Madras Crowned Scottish Tennis Champions 2014

June 11th 2014

Congratulations to the Madras Tennis Team on their brilliant performances to be crowned Scottish Schools Tennis Champions for 2014. Madras beat Trinity High School in the final at St Georges High School in Edinburgh.

The team who took the competition by storm comprise Zak Scott, Sholto Cocris, William Davidson, Sam McKiddie and Gregory Dritschel. They are coached by tennis guru - Mr Darge.

Read the report and see the pictures of the team.


Madras Pupil to represent Scotland in Basketball

Harry Morrice (S3) has been selected to play basketball for Scotland for the third year in a row. This year is slightly different as he has been selected to play for both the u14's and u15's. At u15 level he is a coaches' pick from the u14's with a view to Harry potentially playing in next years FIBA European Championships at u16 Euro B.

He has had a very busy programme of training sessions since March, culminating in playing for the u14's at the FIBA summer slam at The Peak in Stirling from 13-15th June. Three days after this tournament Harry flies out to Denmark to play in the prestigious Copenhagen Invitational Tournament, where Scotland u15 have been drawn against Denmark, Sweden and Berlin in the group stage. This will be a very tough tournament , but good experience for next years Euro B.

If you want to follow Harry and the u14's at The Peak or the u15's in Denmark details can be found on the Basketball Scotland website. Read Harry's profile here on the Scotland Basketball website.

We wish Harry all the best in Stirling and Denmark.


Madras in Fife Schools v Edinburgh Falcons Speedway Success

Wednesday 28th May, 2014

Four Madras College boys were selected to represent Fife Schools in the now Annual Challenge match against Edinburgh Falcons. The Falcons have one of the few outdoor speedway tracks in Scotland and the St Andrews boys were looking forward to gaining valuable experience on the venue which will hold the Scottish championships which has now been rescheduled for September 5th.

The deluge and attrocious conditions couldn't dampen the spirits of the Fife Schools select as they went on to record a narrow victory over the Falcons - an established club team who regularly compete against teams in England and beyond. Read more and check out the 'soggy' pics......


Commonwealth Games - Madras Pupils meet Andrew Lemoncello

As part of the forthcoming Themed Week, The Kilrymont Road library hosted a question and answer session with former pupil and British and Commonwealth Games athlete Andrew Lemoncello. Andrew was kind enough to take an afternoon out of his training schedule for the forthcoming commonwealth games to discuss everything from how he trains and eats both in and out of competition periods to how he developed as an Athlete through competing for Madras College at Fife Schools events and with Fife AC. He also discussed the way he was encouraged to push himself to become an elite senior athlete and not just a good junior with potential and explained some of the reasons why he now trains and lives in Flagstaff, Arizona USA.

The session was hugely relevant and beneficial to those in attendance and our thanks and best wishes go out from everyone at Madras College to Andrew as he prepares for the games.

Andrew Lemoncello competes for Scotland in the 10,000M on Friday 1 August 2014 in the evening session (19:00–22:30) at Hampden Park Glasgow.


National 5 Practical Cakecraft Exam - May

Pupils had a whole day to decorate a cake which they had previously baked and covered in white fondant. The standard was extremely high and pupils rose to the challenge beautifully.

Have a look through the gallery of finished pieces. Amazing.......

Nina Munro


Senior Debating Success - 26th April

Debating teams from across Scotland travelled to Strathclyde University for their annual Schools' Debating Tournament. Madras College sent four debaters, Genevieve Jagger, Ali Jones, Jamie MacLeod and Jake Walker to battle against the likes of George Watson's College and Stewart's Melville College, with them were two of the Team Scotland debaters. A day of high quality debating was prepared for. The competition took the pro-am format, with the Madras team splitting up and partnering with debaters from other schools. Motions included reducing MPs' salaries, banning the Bechdel test, and labelling non-professional bloggers as harmful. Madras scored highly across the 3 debates: Genevieve a debutant, scored an impressive 5 points, Jake and Ali averaging 4 points each, with Jamie managing to secure 7 points, the third highest of the day, and so broke to the final.


Proposing the motion "THBT black civil rights leaders should condemn hip-hop music due to the impact on the civil rights movement", Jamie and his partner presented a strong opening case, both speaking well. After 15 minutes spent nervously waiting as the judges came to the their verdict, it was unanimously decided that they had done enough to win, finishing the day with 487 speaker points between them. Madras is definitely on the debating map now!

by Jamie McLeod (April)

Dairy Team Signing Off - Adieu

Final Week at Madras

At the start of the year, joining The Diary Team seemed like a fantastic idea. That was when there were about a dozen eager reporters; newly turned sixth year and ready to take on the challenges of the upcoming terms. That was before prelims, deadlines and stress began to take hold. Our number has slowly whittled away to leave just two. Despite this unfortunate turn of events we can honestly say that being part of The Diary Team has been a great experience and, for all its frustrations, has given us plenty of experience frantically writing articles the night before they are due about subjects we know nothing about (and headaches). All in all, perfect preparation for the English degrees we both hope to gain at university!


It seems incredible that we are now technically adults, ready to leave school and fend for ourselves. Despite the stress of exams and having to sit through five years of maths lessons, our time at Madras has been so fulfilling and worthwhile. We will always cherish our time at the beautiful and historic South Street campus and fondly remember the…unique atmosphere of Kilrymont. In all seriousness, our teachers have been brilliant at inspiring and motivating us all the way through, always going above and beyond to help us achieve our full potential. From late nights spent rehearsing in the Drama studio to last minute panicky revision outside the exam hall, the humour and optimism of Madras pupils and staff always prevails. We will both be proud to say that we achieved our high school education in the halls of this school.

So this is Kirsty and Lauren, diary team regulars, bringing you your Madras College news for the very last time! We hope that you have enjoyed reading our articles this year as much as we have writing them.

by Kirsty Souter & Lauren Galloway (April)

New Forth Road Bridge - School Trip

Madras pupils were welcomed as VIP guests to the Transport Scotland Education centre at South Queensferry. The 12 pupils, all presently in third year, were representing the School, which along with Cleish Primary School, won the prestigious prize of naming the new road bridge. The Queensferry Crossing will open to traffic in December 2016 and the pupils were given an insight to the largest development project to be undertaken in Scotland.

Find out more about the trip....


Great Assembly - 28th March

On Thursday the 28th, the seniors at Madras congregated to the Holy Trinity Church to enjoy the annual Great Assembly. The Great Assembly provides a chance for Madras pupils to reflect on the past school year and consider the new beginnings that await them in the upcoming Summer term.

For third, fourth and fifth year, the summer term means moving up a year, different subjects, different teachers and different exams. For sixth year, however, the Assembly is a chance to reflect and reminisce about their time at Madras in the beautiful Holy Trinity church. Dan Duthie and Lucy Gray spoke for all of sixth year when they expressed their fondness and appreciation for the staff of Madras and said thank you for what has been a brilliant six years.


The chaplaincy team and rector also made inspiring speeches; Mr McClure's speech on the importance of change was particularly appropriate for those who will soon be leaving their school, friends and maybe even their home and family behind to pursue new goals. As well as speeches, the Assembly was also a chance to showcase Madras' musical talent with the Pipe Band, Senior Strings and the Senior Girls Choir all performing.

Once again, the Great Assembly was a touching goodbye to the old year, and a chance for everyone to look forward to what’s to come in the future.

by Lauren Galloway (March)

Madras Winners in Fife Schools Cross Country - 25th March

Congratulations to the following pupils who were successful at the recent Cross Country Championships held at Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy:


Sam McInnes (S1) and Evan Shively (S1), finished in 2nd place, winning silver individual medals in their respective races.

The S1 girls, Sam McInnes (2nd), Issy Olsen (8th), Tsen Day Beaver (9th) and Carly Tragham (14th) were the first four home for Madras in the team event, winning gold medals. (50 S1 girls raced)

Also, winning gold medals in the S2/S3 boys race were Grant Paterson (S3) 4th, Gregory Dritschel (S2) 10th, Stuart Fearn (S3) 13th and Rohan Strathie (S3) 14th. (64 boys raced)

The S1 Boys finished in 2nd place in the team event; Evan Shively (2nd), Alexander Thomson (6th), Antonio Boyd (12th) and Matthew Cuffley (13th).  They narrowly missed out on winning a gold medal by 2 points.  (61 boys raced)

The S2/3 Girls not to miss out on medals, finished in 3rd school team place; Abbie Hendry (S3) 4th, Sara Keracher (S2) 8th, Beth Constance (S3)  20th and Kate Ballantyne (S2) 23rd. (32 girls raced)





Madras Crowned Fife Cycle Speedway Champions - 17th March

Madras College Cycle Speedway team were crowned Fife Inter-School Champions in the final highly competitive match at Queen Anne High School, Dunfermline. Fife Provost Jim Leishman was in attendance throughout the match to witness the intense racing and to present the handsome trophy to the not-so-handsome winning team.

The team are looking forward to the Scottish Championships in June where they aim to retain the title they won last year.

Read the match report......


Madras at Model United Nations Conference - 14th March

On the weekend beginning the 14th of March, twelve passionate Madras College debaters travelled to George Watson’s College in Edinburgh for their internationally renowned Model United Nations Conference. Schools travelled from across the UK and as far afield as America, Iran, Germany, Norway and Portugal to take part. This was the third consecutive year that a Madras delegation has attended this prestigious conference. Model United Nations involves delegations representing UN member countries while debating important global issues. Amongst many other issues delegates discussed UN involvement in internal conflicts, tackling preventable disease, the rights of prisoners and regulation of the media.

Read more about the awards Madras pupils won....


Abby Wilson - Project Trust

After undergoing a rigorous selection process, Abby Wilson—a sixth year pupil from Madras College—has been selected to travel to Ghana and to teach underprivileged children as part of one of Project Trust’s yearlong educational projects. After hearing a presentation about the opportunities that Project Trust affords young people at school, Abby applied and booked for the selection course the same day! The projects aim to further develop the education of children so they have the best possible chance in life. She will be teaching English, maths and basic sciences, working with students from nursery up to junior high school age and will also have the opportunity to set up additional extracurricular opportunities and sports teams.

A major part of the projects is that the participants must raise a total of £5,600 before leaving for their trip. So, as well as dealing with the day to day demands of school, Abby has been challenged to work out ways to try and raise this tremendous sum. A recent ceilidh in her local village raised over £700 and she has received over £2000 in donations from charitable trusts. Abby says that “the level of support from family and friends has been phenomenal and I am so appreciative to those who have supported me to make this trip possible”.


As her departure date grows closer, she is understandably a little nervous about leaving her family, friends and home behind for a year. However, Abby is more concerned about coming back to the UK, saying that “leaving a place that will have such an impact on your life is always going to be difficult”. We all wish Abby the very best for what is sure to be a memorable year.

by Lauren Galloway (March)

Debating Success - 11th March

The junior and senior debating teams of Madras College and St Leonard's met for a fiercely fought competition hosted by Madras. In a round of three debates, the Madras team came away with a clean sweep, having lost the year before to St Leonard's. The two junior teams, including Madras' own first years Soha Nabi and Thomas Bidaut, debated over the use of animal testing. The Madras team, which was charged with the task of opposing its discontinuation, was praised by the judges for their depth of understanding of arguments. In the mixed debate, which comprised of one junior and one senior debater, the Madras team of first year James Currie and sixth year Aine Dodman proposed that Scottish Independence would have detrimental effects on the Scottish economy and proved victorious. The senior debate saw another victory for fifth years Jake Walker and Jamie McCleod, who proposed the keeping of private lives private.


Madras would like to thank the St Andrews' Rotary for their involvement in organising, sponsoring, and judging what turned out to be an incredibly enjoyable evening of razor sharp intelligence and skill from all teams involved.

by Aine Dodman (March)

Poetry Festival Opens on a High Note - 10th March

Poets and poetry-lovers alike got into the Scottish spirit when the Madras College Folk Group performed at the opening of the 2014 STANZA poetry festival. Held at the Byre Theatre, the event was attended by Byre and STANZA staff, participating poets and members of the public.

The group, consisting of Ellenor Waddell (pipes, clarsach, piano), Joanna Stark (cello), Eleanor Linton (flute) and Lucy Truong (clarsach) played a wide variety of Scottish pieces, both individually and as an ensemble. Ellenor’s opening on pipes with ‘Scotland the Brave’ and ‘The Rowan Tree’ made a lovely (and very loud!) opening to proceedings, followed by a group arrangement of ‘The Water is Wide’, a popular folk song. Several solo pieces followed, including ‘The Piper O’ Dundee’ on flute, a clarsach concerto and several Scotch dances on cello, all wonderfully received. Finally, the musicians came back together to finish with a lively set of jigs, met with great enthusiasm.


All members of the group feel privileged to have represented Madras at an event so important to the St Andrews community, and to have helped support the Byre Theatre as it works towards reopening. So all in all, a thoroughly successful event, greatly enjoyed by everyone, which set off ‘Scotland’s International Poetry Festival’ with a swing!

by Eleanor Linton (March)

Saltire Awards

Saltire Awards are Government backed awards for voluntary work undertaken by young people. In supporting these awards in school, Madras College wish to reward the many pupils who are already giving their time to do voluntary work in the school and in the community. We also hope to encourage more pupils to do so.

Young people can collect certificates for as little as 10 hours and as many as 500 hours of voluntary work. Certificates are also available for 25, 50, 100 and 200 hours of voluntary work. Certificates are presented at Assembly, and those reaching the upper numbers of hours will have their awards presented at the school’s Awards Ceremony. Read More ...

Here is a list of current Saltire Certificate winners.


Saltire Awards

Netball Success - Monday 24th February

Two of Madras' netball teams advanced further in the Scottish cup. The first teams to play were the first years who after a tough game won 8-3 against the Cults and advance further into the competition in the bronze division.

The Madras senior team played afterwards against St Andrews Academy after a vicious game the seniors took victory with a score of 31-23 and are now into the quarter finals of the gold division.

by Lucy Gray


Paris Trip 2014 - February

Once again Mrs McCartney, accompanied by her husband, set off to Paris with a group of the Advanced Higher class. This took place during the February holiday. The itinerary was very full. It included visits to the traditional Paris restaurant, Chartier, on the first evening, where the pupils all tried snails with varying opinions expressed. Other visits included one to the Musée d’Orsay and the Louvre where the Mona Lisa was photographed from various angles. After that the group went through the Tuileries gardens, up the Champs-Elysées to the Arc de Triomphe and the tomb of the unknown soldier.

The following day saw the group visiting Sacré Coeur, the area of Montmartre and the Palace du Tertre, followed by visits to the Galéries Lafayette and other shops. That evening we visited Paris by night when we saw many of the major buildings lit up.

The final day the group went up the Eiffel Tower and took great photos in very good weather. There was also a visit to Notre Dame before we headed to the airport for our flight home. A great time was had by all!

Madras Twins Visit the Scottish Parliament

My mum had been to Nicola Sturgeon’s talk in St Andrews and admired her way of answering questions about Scottish independence. My mum decided to send an email telling her that she thought the talk was really interesting. Nicola replied and invited mum and us to visit her, and that she would give us a guided tour of the parliament! We asked Mr Darge, the depute rector of Madras College, if it would be okay to be off school and he said it was but a few photos would be good.

Read Isobel Grieve's article about her visit to Holyrood.

Read Katie Grieve's article about the visit.


Madras Cycle Speedway edge closer to Fife Championship

In the penultimate tournament in the 5 team Fife Championship, Madras took a confident step forward to winning the overall Cup by winning the home leg by 2 points.

It was an exciting evening’s racing with all schools winning at least one of the sixteen races. No rider won all four races and there were some very close contests. The Madras Quartet of Cameron Semple, Jon Law, Jack Bremner and Vasilii Hill provided some thrills (and spills!) with two of them hitting the deck in dramatic fashion.

Read report...


Independence Debate

On the 11th of February a group of Madras College pupils headed to Kirkcaldy to attend a debate on Scottish Independence. The audience, consisting of over 400 students from 17 schools and colleges around Fife, heard the case for the Yes and No campaigns, put forward by some of Scotland’s most prominent politicians.

Fiona Hyslop MSP of the SNP and Patrick Harvie MSP from the Greens put forward the arguments for the Yes campaign, while Ruth Davidson MSP of the Scottish Conservatives and Anas Sarwar MP for the Labour Party argued against. Each of the panel was given one minute to explain why they would be voting Yes or No in the September Referendum.



The audience was then given the opportunity to ask questions of the panel, voicing the concerns and opinions of Scotland’s young people about our country’s future. A heated debate followed, with passionate speeches from both the panel and the floor on topics ranging from the Economy to the Armed Forces to Education.

Polls were taken before and after the debate to gauge the position of Scotland’s youth on Independence. In the initial poll, over 61% voted against and only 22% in favour, while roughly 17% were undecided. Afterwards, those voting against had risen to 67% and for to 25%, with only 8% undecided. The young people of Fife have spoken: a resounding No to Independence.


Fife Festival of Music Achievements - 7th February

Over 100 pupils from Madras College performed in the Fife Music Festival this week. There were some terrific peformances from individuals and groups taking part in competitive and non-competitive classes.

Congratulations goes to

  • Elleanor Waddell S4 who won the Clarsach Advanced class.
  • Sam Vincent-Kilbride S2 who won the Guitar Advanced class.
  • Hannah Visocchi who won the 18 & under Vocal Solo: Light Opera/Musicals/Gilbert & Sullivan.

In the group classes a Platinum award was given to the Senior Choir and James Primmer/Michael Sharp for their piano duet performance and a Gold award was given to the S2/3 Choir, the Wind Band and the Folk Group.

The S1 choir, Junior fiddle group, Clarsach group and the Pipe band all gave great performances in the non-competitive class.


Model United Nations, Model Pupils - 4th February

MUN is a growing extra curricular activity at Madras College with a regular lunch time club and after school debates. On the 4th of February, Madras College sent fifteen pupils across to Inveralmond Community High School for the inaugural MUNICH Conference spread over three delegations; Israel, Rwanda and Iraq.

The conference was overall a huge success with twelve MUN first-timers in the group. The Rwandan delegation took home top prize by winning the Best Delegation award and Zack Bedford was awarded best delegate in his committee.

Read more....


Madras Debating Success - 30th January

Two teams from the Madras College Debating Society competed in the Donald Dewar Memorial Debating Tournament. Both teams negotiated tough first rounds at home, earning their place in the quarter-finals. Matthew McAnaw and Ewan White headed to Queensferry High, while Jamie MacLeod and William Naismith set out to the High School of Dundee.

Appropriately for the year of the Commonwealth Games, the debate centred on a controversial issue within the organisation. Both teams proposed that countries which criminalise homosexuality should be expelled from the Commonwealth. This interesting motion sparked heated debate, with each team tackling the issue from their own unique angle.

Read more about the success....


Senior Netball Success - 27th January

On the 27th January, Madras College’s Senior Netball Team visited Robert Gordon University’s sports centre to play Robert Gordon High School in the second round of the Scottish Cup.

Madras College triumphed with a final score of 45-40.

Player of the match was Lucy Gray, the goal shooter.

Madras now advances into the next round of the Scottish Cup.

Read the full Match Report


Auschwitz Memorial Day - 27th January

January 2014. Last year is the past and there is a whole new year to look forward to. You can forget the bad things that happened to you in the past twelve months and look forward to the future – knowing happily that you won't make the same mistakes again. But is it really that easy? Can you close a door on the past and move on, just like that?

On the 16th of October 2013, last year, through the Holocaust Memorial Trust's 'Lessons from Auschwitz (LFA)' project, two Madras pupils - Rachel Savage and Kirsty Souter - were given the opportunity to participate in a programme which aimed to further students’ understanding of the events of the Holocaust and to give them a clearer idea of the horrors faced by millions of people.

Read the full article by Kirsty Souter


Madras Continues Speedway Domination - 14th January

Madras College has won the second round of the Fife Schools Cycle Speedway tournament hosted by Glenwood High. The five competing schools – Glenwood, Balwearie, Viewforth and Madras rivals Queen Anne – had full compliments of racers. The standard has risen dramatically from round one as the races were very close and often competitive leading to a few crashes on this tight, slippy games hall floor. The conditions called for measured riding and low risk taking but as all the competitors were fired-up there was little chance of this!

Read the Match Report of Madras's victory and see the pictures.....


Farewell to Mr Milar

Sadly Mr Millar is leaving Madras to be the Rector of Perth Grammar. 

The three words he used to describe himself are:

Hard working

The Diary Team interviewed him for the last time.


Christmas Concert - Wednesday 11th December

Madras College hosted its annual Christmas Concert: an extravaganza of musical talent to entertain family, teachers and pupils. This was the first school concert to be organised by the recently appointed Head of the Expressive Arts Department, Mrs Miller. It certainly did not disappoint! The concert was full of talented performers. These included Senior Strings, the school’s Wind Band, the Senior Girls’ Choir, the Advanced Higher Music Class, and of course, everyone’s favourite and concert regulars, the Pipe Band. The concert was a huge success and everyone who attended the evening was thoroughly impressed by the musical talents of all the staff and pupils who performed.

by Ashley Thompson (December)


Cinderella Panto - by Madras Production Company

On Thursday the 12th of December a group of sixth year pupils squeezed themselves into – slightly torn – costumes, covered themselves in heinous amounts of face-paint and took to the stage for their pantomime production of Cinderella.

The company, comprised of school pupils and led in this endeavour by Lucy Harrower, had spent several months nailing dance moves – courtesy of dance company Smallpetitklein, - practicing songs and devising puns with the help of writer Aine Dodman before the fateful day dawned. After last minute, slightly panicked run-throughs, both Strathkinness and Largoward primary schools gathered in the main hall, eager for a performance. The curtain went up and the show ran almost without a hitch and with many a “He’s behind you!”

Read more about the production and see the pictures....


Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome Visit - Wednesday 11th December

15 members of the Madras Cycle Speedway club travelled to Glasgow for a two hour training session on the Commonwealth Games track at the Chris Hoy Velodrome. The boys adeptly picked up the new skills of riding without brakes on a fixed wheel bike and the Track Coach was impressed by their confidence and athleticism on the boards. Several riders rode the 46 degree banked corners on the top band which, seen from the above or below, is a very scary and impressive feat.

Jack Bremner posted the fastest flying lap with a time of 18.84secs – only a few seconds shy of the velodrome’s namesake! View the Gallery of the visit.


Christmas Fair - Saturday 7th December

Pupils, parents and staff held a Christmas Fair with lots of beautiful handmade crafts and homemade baking on offer. Organised by Mrs Hill, Mrs McManus, Mrs Caira, Mrs Birrell, Mr Graham and Mrs Seeley, the Fair took place in South Street Assembly Hall and there were over 20 stalls with a vast variety of original Christmasy gifts for sale. To keep the customers happy. There was also a cafe selling hot food and drinks to keep out the biting cold.

The fair was to raise funds for the Namibian Trip this summer. Around 30 pupils and staff will be heading to Namibia, with as many resources as they can carry, to spend 3 weeks helping out in rural schools. This trip has been running for approximately 5 years and has been a superb experience for both the Madras and the Nambian pupils. There will be more fundraising events coming to a Hall near you! If you would like to donate in any way to this, either goods or funds, then please contact the School Office.

by Alasdair Manning and Frank MacArthur (December)


Seniors’ House Carolling Competition - 6th December

The weather may be growing colder outside, but the competition and the vocal chords at Madras College are just warming up! The 6th of December marked the date of the annual House Carolling Competition. Backed by instruments, winter hats and fairy lights, seniors from the three Madras Houses—Blackfriars, Castle and Priory—took to the floor to perform their own take on some much loved Christmas tunes, old and new. The competition between the Houses was fierce with some good natured banter being exchanged beforehand. Castle triumphed with their rendition of Michael Bublé’s “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”. Although Blackfriars lost , they certainly succeeded in overwhelming the audience with the stylishness of their attire.

Overall, sparkling performances from all, and it’s nice to see the familial sounds of House rivalry are as tuneful as ever. After all, Christmas does not really begin until you’ve donned your Christmas jumper and decked the halls!

by Kirsty Souter and Lauren Galloway (December)


Sensational Sani - Chess Master

Madras pupils were drafted in to engage in a battle of the wits; one which saw S2 star signing Leonardo Sani leading the way to Woodmill High School, along with eleven fellow pupils.

The tournament was an overall success for the majority of the students. An impressive nine out of the twelve Madras pupils (AKA Chess Club 7ers) won their first games. With the delay in play at the start of the event, the competition was reduced to 4 games. Tom Constance (S2) of Madras managed a respectable three points from four with Leonardo Sani (S2) emerging victorious in all four.

by Zack Bedford (December)


Charity Fashion Show

On Thursday the 21st of November, Models, Singers and spectators alike enjoyed a charity fashion show at Kilrymont Road. Siannon Macleod and Georgia Butler organised the event in aid of Breast Cancer Research, a charity close to their hearts. Around 25 pupils of all ages strutted their stuff on the catwalk, modelling clothes from the shops of St Andrews. Winter jumpers, onesies and bobble hats came from ‘Jack Wills’. Party dresses and statement necklaces came from ‘New Look’. Members of the senior rugby team modelled kilts and jackets from the Kilt Shop. A range of outdoor gear from Trespass, warm winter clothes from Fat Face, fur coats from Rummage, and leather satchels from Scaramanga were all part of the show too.

(Click on the image on the right to see gallery of photos).



The event made over £300 for Breast Cancer Research, and a bake sale held during the break, raised money for Carly Percy and Freya Connell’s trip to Namibia. Aside from the enthusiastic modelling, the members of the audience were treated to wonderful performances from Lucy Harrower, Eve McGladdery, Millie Morrice and Caitlin Smith. Stephen Doherty and Andrew Wright managed all the music and the stage lighting throughout the show; whilst Scott Aitken, the exuberant host, kept the show running smoothly.

by Sophie Duncan (November)

Madras Movember Madness

Recently at Madras College Brynja Duthie organised a Movember charitable event. With the support of Mr Grewar and Mr Darge, Brynja, Sasa Tough, Ellie Clayton and Hazel Irons sold Tash-On-A-Stick cookies that she and her friend Sasa had baked.

She did this for her Gramps who is terminally ill with prostate cancer, and also to raise awareness about prostate cancer and money for Movember. As part of Brynja’s efforts to raise awareness and money, Sasa and Brynja also took part in a 5km Mo-Run at Glasgow Green.

Thanks to all the support and generosity of friends, family and the local community Brynja has raised £460 well on her way to reaching her target figure of £500. Should anyone wish to follow Brynja’s Mo Space Blog or contribute further please visit


Madras S3 Netball Team Retain Title - Wednesday 20th November

Madras S3 Netball Team retained their Fife Schools Champions title for the third year in a row and remain unbeaten within the Fife circuit.

The tournament, held at the new Michael Woods Sports Centre, Glenrothes, was an action packed day with a high level of play from the 13 teams involved. The morning league session saw the A team beat Viewforth A 6-1, Beath B 14-0, Woodmill A 4-3, Lochgelly 8-1, Buckhaven 5-2 and St Columbus 13-0. The A team met Buckhaven again in the Semi Finals winning 12 - 6. The final of the Cup section was another battle between close Rivals Madras and Woodmill. Madras took the title 7-2.

The work rate and team effort of the Madras girls was outstanding. Their speed and timed movements made it very difficult for oppositions teams to keep up. Two Madras A players, Emma Sharratt and Abbie Hendry were named as Players of the Tournament. Both girls were recently selected for the East of Scotland Pathways teams and have to attend weekend training sessions in Edinburgh. They both have amazing ability which is enhanced greatly by their determination to succeed. All of the Madras Netballers wish them well in their Netballing future.


Madras Pupil speaks in House of Commons - Friday 15th November,

Jamie MacLeod became the first Madras pupil, and indeed St Andrean to address the House from the despatch box in the Mother of all Parliaments, under the watchful eye of Mr Speaker: John Bercow. Standing on the shoulders of the giants: Winston Churchill, Clement Attlee, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, the despatch box has seen declarations of war, resolutions of peace, and decisions and debates that have effectively shaped the world. Jamie described the experience as 'surreal' and went on to say that 'sitting on that front bench knowing that I am sitting where architects of the modern world have been, it was just overwhelming.' Jamie received support from all angles, from many pupils in North East Fife, to the Right Honourable Sir Menzies Campbell, who admitted he was 'envious' of Jamie. The experience will live with Jamie for the rest of his life.


The Heroes St Andrews Deserves: Fundraiser for Children in Need

Madras pupils certainly know how to put on a show for charity! Thursday the 14th of November saw a whole catalogue of colourful characters descend upon the unsuspecting town of St Andrews. Anything and everything could be seen spilling from the school gates!

With the BBC’s ‘Children in Need’ taking on the theme of “Be a Hero”, the annual Madras non-uniform fundraiser this year took on a super slant!

Read more about the day in Kirsty Soutar's article......


Double Success at SQA Star Awards for Exceptional Pupils

The Scottish Qualifications Authority held its annual Star Awards at Glasgow College hosted by Kaye Adams. The awards recognise the achievement of candidates from across Scotland. Madras College alumni achieved a unique double.

Andrei Ruskuc was awarded with the Star Award for Academic Excellence for his attainment. In addition to Andrei’s award, Alexander Fyfe was awarded jointly the SQA Candidate of the Year. Both pupils excelled across a wide range of subjects and activities at the school.

Mr McClure, the Rector of Madras, commented, "Having one SQA Star Award Winner is an outstanding achievement for any school, but having two is exceptional. Read more about Andrei and Alex.....


Parent Information Evening

After the October break, an S1 and an S6 pupil from Madras were chosen to return to the primary schools they had attended before Madras, to give a presentation for prospective S1 parents.  They were accompanied by Mr McClure the Rector, Mr Darge and members of the S1/2 Year Team.

The presentations, held in the cluster primary schools, were well attended, with an even ratio of parents to pupils. At each, Mr McClure introduced the event, outlining some of his key priorities for Madras and S1.  He was then followed by members of the year team who explained their respective roles in ensuring as smooth a transition from P7 to S1 as possible and welcomed the P7s to Madras.


Then the 1st year pupil gave an insight, from the pupils’ perspective, into life as a First Year, talking particularly about the first few days in S1 and the Transition Days, where Primary 7 pupils visit for two days before the Summer holidays to get a taste of what it is like in Secondary school. 

The 6th year pupil followed with a talk about Madras and all the opportunities available from a variety of qualifications to extra curricular experiences, representing the school or visiting the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Japan on exchange programmes.   Above and beyond this, there are numerous activities that pupils can avail themselves of such as hockey, netball, rugby, football, as well as chess, debating and science Club.

A member of the parent council also spoke, and the presentation was concluded by the panel of speakers responding to questions from both Parents and Primary 7 pupils. All of the presentations have been very successful and both parents and pupils have confirmed that they found them both informative and enjoyable.

by Lucy Gray (November)

School Uniform a Success

Since the return to school after the summer holidays, there has been a noticeable improvement in the standard of the Madras College school uniform. The majority of pupils are smartly dressed; wearing the school blazer as well as tie, white shirts and black shoes. Gone are jeans, trainers and hoodies. This change is thanks to the new Rector: Mr McClure, who believes firmly that these small differences will improve the image of the school and the way it is perceived in the local community.

School uniform is what distinguishes one school from another and what makes each pupil feel that they belong. The blazers especially make pupils stand out in the town and are now worn with pride.


In South Street pupils have been approached at lunchtime by members of the public and complimented on their smart attire. One sixth year pupil was told that the uniform “looks so much better this year” and that we should all “be so proud of our school.” Compliments like these raise morale within the school and make pupils feel proud to wear their school uniform and represent Madras College.

By Abigail Pritchard (November)

More Cycle Speedway Success for Madras - 4th November

The Fife Cycle Speedway Series started in style at Queen Anne High School. The series saw two new teams (Glenwood High School and Balwearie High School) race for the first time in a competitive event where they matched up with the now experienced campaigners of Queen Anne and Madras College.

Madras get off to a flyer in the series.

Read report...


Pupils hear Malala Yousafzai

On the 19th of October six students and two members of the Modern Studies department from Madras College were invited by former Prime Minister Gordon Brown to attend the first ever public meeting of the Global Citizenship Commission at Edinburgh University. Among the speakers was the former President of Ghana, Gordon Brown and special guest speaker sixteen year old Malala Yousafzai. Miss Yousafzai is an avid campaigner for girls’ education and because of her beliefs was shot in the head by the Taliban in 2011. The eight that attended the meeting were captivated by Yousafzai’s message and bravery as she vowed not to stop campaigning even though the Taliban have issued treats against her. At the end of the meeting she was awarded and honourary Masters of Arts degree by the Rector of Edinburgh University.


Crazy Hair Day - Cancer Trust - 3rd October

The senior Madras College pupils held a fundraising day for Teenage Cancer Trust Scotland an organisation, which supports cancer patients between the ages of 13 and 24 by bringing them together in a teenage friendly centre which is run by health professionals that specialise in teenage cancer. Teenage Cancer Trust is a wonderful cause as it allows teens to socialise with people their own age who are going through the same situations as themselves. It makes the illness much less isolating for them. Each year the organisation holds a Teenage Cancer Week when they advise people about the symptoms of different types of cancer and deliver talks to groups.

(Read more ....)


O-H-I-O Go Buckeyes!

In October this year, 16 pupils and two teachers from Madras College undertook the long journey to Upper Arlington, Ohio, on a school exchange. Upon arriving, after many hugs, the pupils set off with their exchange partners who would be their hosts for the exiting week ahead. The first visit was to Upper Arlington High School, home of the mighty Golden Bears. It was a new and enjoyable experience for the Scots as they were immersed in a very different culture and set of traditions.


The following evening, they attended the high school homecoming American football game, and after great cheering from the pupils, UA achieved a well-deserved victory. Other visits during the trip included Columbus Zoo, world renowned theme park Cedar Point and a tour of Ohio State University and American football stadium, which holds over 100,000 people! It was a fantastic trip all round and the friends made will be greatly missed. Madras looks forward to welcoming the American pupils to St Andrews in March 2014. (See bigger piture).

by Lydia Upton (October)

Andrei Ruskuc - SQA Accolade

Congratulations to Andrei Ruskuc on gaining the top mark in Scotland in the SQA Examination for Advanced Higher Grade Technological Studies. The Technology Teachers’ Association will present Andrei with a prize sponsored by Scottish Engineering and an award certificate.

The Award Ceremony forms part of the Technology Teacher’s Association Annual Conference which takes place at Morgan Academy, Dundee on Saturday 2nd November.


London Trip - Higher Politics

The Higher Poliitcs class had a successful and busy trip to London during the October holidays. It was a packed itinary which involved getting on the overall sleeper from Leuchars. The group had a tour of Westminster before attending a workshop on decision making run by the education department. Then it was off to the Supreme Court and Downing Street where the police were persuaded to let us up to the door of number ten. Later in the day the group spent time at the British Museum, before going out for pizza. The group then returned on the overnight train to Leuchars. See the pictures of the visit....

by Mr Robertson (October)


St. Andrews Cathedral Visits - Social Studies

Pupils in S2 at Madras College have been visiting St. Andrews Cathedral as part of their Social Studies course. They have been learning about the History of St. Andrews and the importance the Cathedral has had in the History of the town. Pupils were given the opportunity to learn what it was like to be a medieval pilgrim. They were also given the opportunity to climb St. Rules Tower. Previously pupils in S2 were given the opportunity to see and interact with a "virtual Cathedral" when staff from the computing department at the University of St. Andrews visited the school and showed them what the Cathedral would have looked like in the 11th century using cutting edge computer software. See pictures of the visit....

by Mr Robertson (September)


BBC School Report @ Edinburgh Fringe - 21st August 2013

A contingent of pupils and staff from Madras College travelled to the Edinburgh Fringe festival to participate in the BBC School Report Project. The pupils were given the opportunity to record and film interviews with award winning comedians Aisling Bea and Tim Fitzhigham and actor Andrew Agnew, best known for his role as PC Plum in the BBC television series Balamory. After that, they took to the streets to quiz festival goers about what they found funny. Then, after a hurried lunch, it was back to the studio for the editing process, assisted by the knowledge and expertise of BBC staff. The finished products will be available on the BBC School Report Website shortly. Read pupil articles...

by Lauren Galloway (August)


56th Kiel Exchange - 2013

Another successful exchange took place this year from the 10 June – 20 June with 25 S3 and S4 pupils involved. The recent spell of good weather helped to make the exchange all the more enjoyable. The pupils visited the National Museum of Scotland and Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh. Visits to Stirling, Dunnottar Castle near Stonehaven and Verdant Works in Dundee also featured on the programme. The German pupils took part in a music lesson with Mr Bell and the German and Scottish pupils competed against each other in a number of sporting activities organised by Mr Munn. The German pupils were also introduced to golf down at the driving range. We now look forward to returning to Kiel in 2014.

by Miss Orem (June)


More Athletics Success - June 2013

Three days after his outstanding win at the Fife Schools’ Multi Events, Struan Christie (S1) competed in the Scottish Schools Triathlon Event at Grangemouth Stadium on Saturday 1st June. The three events were 600m, Shot Putt and Long Jump. Struan finished in 2nd place, which is an excellent result at this level. Not only did he jump 5.05m, which was the best jump in his age group, but he broke the school club record by 30cm, which has been held since 1973.

The following Saturday, 8th June, 4 pupils represented Madras College at the Scottish Schools’ Individual Track & Field Championships; Struan Christie (S1) – 100m and 80m Hurdles, Emma Malcolm (S2) – 75M Hurdles, Abbie Hendry (S2) – 100m and Corryn Christie (S5) – 200m.


Emma and Abbie performed well in their heats enjoying the experience at international level, but were unable to progress to the next round. Corryn finished 4th in her heat and qualified for the final, finishing in 8th place in Group A. Struan was 1st in his heat, 3rd in the semi-final and finished in 5th place in the final of Group D, 100metres. However in his heats in the 80 metre Hurdles, Struan recorded a time of 13.08s, which was fast enough to reach the final. Once again he found himself on the medals podium, winning a bronze medal in a time of 13.32s, an outstanding achievement.

Scottish Schools Speedway - Madras are CHAMPIONS - June 2013

Madras were crowned Scottish Champions on a sunny afternoon in Glasgow.

Five Scottish schools raced for the 2013 team championships at Cathkin Park. Glasgow’s St. Andrews High and Hollybrook Academy, two from Fife, Queen Anne High and Madras College and one from Edinburgh, Liberton High, raced the five team formula. After an intense, pulsating, 20 heats finished Madras College came top with 51 points and fellow Fifers, Queen Anne, took third place on 45 points, both teams benefiting as an eight-man Select against Edinburgh Juniors at Redbraes Park two days previous.

Congratulations to the boys and inspirational coach Jim Tarvet.

Read the full story with pictures.


Athletics Success - Fife Multi-Event - June 2013

12 selected athletes from Madras College competed in the annual Fife multi-event competition at Pitreavie Sports arena, Dunfermline. With the Senior pupils on exams and the S3 participating in their 3-day activities, it was three male and female competitors from the S1 and S2 groups who represented the school over the 5 events : 200m, Long Jump, Hurdles, Shot Putt and 800m.

Struan Christie (S1) was the outstanding athlete of the day, winning all 5 events by a considerable margin to gain a huge total of 2295 points. Campbell Palmer came in an impressive 2nd and only a 5 point deficit stopped Callum McLeod from completing a full podium result for Madras in the S1 boys.

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