The Rector - Mr McClure
I began my working career as an engineer, spending some time working for Scottish Aviation Ltd and the U.K.A.E.A at Dounray in Caithness.

For my sins I decided that I wanted to become a teacher and left industry for Jordanhill and then onto teaching Mathematics in Ayrshire in Ravenspark Academy, Prestwick Academy and Kyle Academy.  I then aspired to, and became Principal Teacher of Mathematics in Doon Academy and then in Stewarton Academy.

Following a very happy and successful period of time doing this I was appointed to the post of Assistant Head Teacher in Stewarton Academy and then Depute Headteacher in Buckhaven High School in Fife.

Following a tricky HMIe inspection I was appointed to the position of Rector of Buckhaven High School in 2002 and stayed there (surviving another two HMIe inspections) until May 2013 when I moved to Madras College as Rector – where the inspection team followed me (and fortunately) gave the school a very good bill of health, in November 2014.  I currently remain in Madras as Rector (and Mathematics teacher) as I am now convinced that another move will encourage another inspection.


Mr. McClure