Namibia - Ongha, Putuavanga & Shamangowra

Ongha Secondary School, Ohangwena

Ongha Secondary School is a boarding school in north Namibia. It is in Ohangwena Region in the village of Ongha near the Angolan border. The school has 700 learners studying in grades 8-12.

Pupils have to pay for their education and learners can only progress through the grades if they pass the final exams – as a result the age range in the school is vast.

The school has 4 classroom blocks with each classroom door opening to an outdoor area, staff block with staffroom, a library (with no books in it), offices and photocopier room. The school also has one IT room with roughly 20 computers (although many were broken) with each class timetabled 2 computer lessons a week.

The 33 staff teach subjects including Oshikwanyama, English as a second language, Maths, Physical Science, Biology, Life Science, Geography, Entrepreneurship, Economics, Business Studies, Development Studies, History. It is one of the top schools in the area.





The learners are desperate to board in the school but due to the lack of facilities, a number are very disappointed every year. The learners attend classes from 7:20 am – 1:30 p.m. In the afternoon and evening they attend study classes. They have to travel up to 20 km each day to school or lodge with a local family. The area around the school shows signs of great poverty. Although there is electricity in the school, there is none in the village. The locals live in circular mud huts.

There is a fantastic atmosphere in the school – the learners are keen to learn and work extremely hard. They all have great aspirations and are desperate to use their education to get out of poverty, support their family and help Namibia develop.


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