Japan - Otawara - Tochigi, New St. Andrews Japan Trust
This exchange programme is organised and sponsored by the “New St Andrews Japan Trust”. It was originally set up to form a link the with the “Old Course” Golf Course in Japan. The “Japan Trust” pays for all of the pupils flights to Japan and issue spending money. Otawara City, also known as Otawara, is in the centre of Japan in the Gifu Region.

Every year four Japanese students visit Scotland at the same time as four Madras Pupils visit Otawara City. Madras Pupils host in the summer when they are in S5 and visit in the summer of their S6. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn about and experience a different culture and country.



When in Japan the pupils in the group stay with different Japanese families, learning first hand about life and culture in Japan. They will enjoy trips around the Otawara area and take part in the Yoichi festival (old costumed festival), with the opportunity to dress up in traditional clothing. Pupils who have taken part in the trip have thoroughly enjoyed their experience. Each year the group who have been to Japan hold a meeting to share information and photographs.
When in Scotland, the Japanese visit a range of tourist attractions including a 3-day tour of the Highlands with Mr Tarvet. Common stop-offs include the Cairngorm National Park, Loch Ness, the Black Isle, Carbisdale Castle and Glencoe. During their stay in Scotland, the Japanese enjoy trying our traditional food and beverages and in getting a taste of Scottish life from eating skirlie to skirling the bagpipes!

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