Madras College School Partner Programmes
Pupils at Madras College are given the opportunity to take part in a wide range of School Exchange and link programmes. We believe that our school exchanges give every individual involved an experience of a lifetime. Our pupils’ minds are opened to global citizenship, cultures and beliefs and varying education in countries around the world. This not only enhances their knowledge of global issues but also allows them to reflect and develop respect for other cultures, languages and religion as well as develop their own cultural identity.

The mixing of cultures and backgrounds provides young people with an unforgettable awareness of and lifelong appreciation for each other. There is no better way to learn about another country, its customs and the way of life of its people than by experiencing it first hand.

Benefits to our pupils

  • Cultural Awareness
  • Personal Growth
  • Language Skills
  • Experiences of different schools
  • Life Long Friends
  • Further Education and Employment Advantage

Benefits to Madras College

  • Enhanced Educational Links
  • Enhanced Ethos throughout the school
  • Confident pupils sharing their experiences

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