Extra Curricular Activities

Although formal education in the classroom is undoubtedly important, it is still only one aspect of school life. The school recognises the significant part played by the so-called informal curriculum in the personal and social development of each pupil and its immense value as part of the pupil's overall education experience. The programme may vary slightly from year to year depending on the interests of pupils and staff.
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Although the school does not currently enjoy high-quality sports facilities, there is nonetheless a very extensive range of sporting activities on offer. There are playing fields at Kilrymont Road and Station Park. A large number of pupils participate in a regular programme of Saturday morning fixtures with other schools and in other events such as inter-house competitions. The games hall at Kilrymont Road is used for a wide range of indoor activities. There is a all-weather outdoor area at Kilrymont. Teaching pools in each building allow the pupils to receive swimming instruction.


The school has a bothy in Glen Tilt, near Blair Atholl in Perthshire. Over the years it has been a very well used resource. A number of departments such as Biology and Geography have taken advantage of the opportunities for field work while the Design and Technology department regularly take pupils up to undertake maintenace projects. The Duke of Edinburgh program currently makes good use of the facility. The bothy is in an ideal situation for hillwalking trips and has been used extensively over the years by the hillwalking club and S3 3-day Suspended Timetable activities.