Debating Club

Learn to convince listeners that your viewpoint is the one they should believe. Debaters learn how to construct a water-tight case to argue against their opponents. Some of them do it for fun, others to improve their English skills and essay-writing.

If you have a competitive spirit, join the generations of Madras pupils who have entered – and won – regional and national tournaments. Experienced coaches will help you to be the best you can be.

Spectators are welcome from all year-groups. Come and join us for more arguments than you can shake a stick at.


When & Where

South Street, Room P7.

Debates are advertised in the Daily Sheet.



Ms. Comber, Mr. Darge



Debate on New Madras College Site

A Question Time style debate has been produced for the BBC’s ‘Schools Questions and Answers’ challenge. Miss McKimmie, Mr. Darge and fifth year pupils Dana Druka and Rory White were on the panel to debate where the new Madras should be built. It was filmed before the decision to expand the Kilrymont building into a single site was taken (and subsequently rejected).

Click one of the links to see the video: Windows Media Player | Quicktime