Active Schools

The Active Schools network aims to increase activity levels of children and young people by ensuring there are more opportunities to participate in sport and more people delivering opportunities in schools and the wider community.

In Fife we have an Active Schools Manager and a team of 21 Active school co-ordinators working across both primary and secondary schools who aim to:

  • Increase participation in Sport & Physical Activity for children and young people through effective integration with partners and targeted work.
  • Increase the number of volunteers delivering activities and provide suitable support and training with an emphasise on young people.
  • Support the development of clubs and community clubs.
  • Ensure suitable pathways are in place for young people to achieve their sporting potential or involvement in life long participation in sport & physical activity

Coordinators working with a range of different partners such as PE, Education and NGB's, can set up new sporting & physical activity initiatives in and around the school day and beyond into the community.


Madras College

At Madras College we offer a wide range of sports and physical activity opportunities for all young people to participate in or compete. In some instances it is about creating brand new opportunities, whilst in others, it is about providing improved links to existing sports and community clubs and classes.

We provide opportunities for young people of all ages and abilities to represent the school in tournaments, friendlies and league competitions across a number of different sports and age groups. We also provide a wide range of weekly extra curricular school clubs that delivered by a number of highly committed and enthusiastic staff and parents.

It is thanks to all the volunteers involved, that the young people can enjoy such a wide variety of activities that are delivered to a very high standard.