S1 Design & Technology Course


The aim of the course is to give pupils the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge, understanding and practical Design, Graphic and Craft skills to allow the Planning, Production and Promotion of a range of products. These skills lay the foundations for learner to be effective contributors able to Design, Engineer, and manufacture and communicate in ways increasingly important as the country continues to develop.

The philosophy of this course is to equip all our Learners with transferable skills such as planning, problem solving, testing and evaluation which will equip them for roles both current and yet to be invented. 

Course Content

The course covers the following topics:

  • Experience in skills for life and work in terms of safe working practices, team work, co-operative working and task management.  
  • Manual sketching and colour rendering.
  • 3D modelling to produce ideas for products and visual representations of the final idea for manufacture.
  • Promotion of products and ideas using Desk top Publishing techniques. The main software is serif page and draw plus.
  • The development of design skills by the analysis of a need and the production of ideas for a suitable design proposal.
  • The manufacture of a number of products in wood and plastic including, a small trinket or money box, a wind chime, a bud vase and a desk tidy.   
  • Experience in the safe and efficient use of a range of hand and machine tools.
  • Experience of the preparation and finishing of products.


One period a week (63 minutes) for approximately 40 weeks.


  • A short homework is issued monthly. It will be available for insertion into pupil planners. The homework is designed to allow pupils to reflect on their learning and contextualise this into the wider world.


Pupils will be assessed in the following ways:

  • Each coursework project is peer assessed, given a grade by the teacher and pupils have an opportunity to reflect on their experience of the project and suggest possible improvements for the future. 
  • 3D modelling, Orthographics and desk top publishing will be formally assessed using class tests. Craft skills will be assessed using manufactured models and design skills using design and project recording folios. These grades are recorded alongside the project grades to allow for tracking of progress.
  • Skills for life and work are assessed by expectations on consideration for others, high expectations of learning, good timekeeping and good work ethic