S2 - S3 Business & Enterprise Course

S2 Content

The S2 course aims to build on the skills and knowledge learned in S1 and to enable learners to experience many of the business related outcomes in the Technologies and Social Studies areas of Curriculum for Excellence.


Learners will be given the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge and skills acquired in many ways including group work, ICT tasks, e-portfolio uploads, and log sheets. More detailed information on unit content and assessment can be found here.


The course is split into 3 units:

  • Personal Finance (Banking)

  • Using ICT to Support Business Activity

  • Marketing a Business Enterprise

To acknowledge success in the Trade Fair element of this unit, 2 awards are presented:

  • Best Profit - to the company that earn the highest profit; and
  • Best Brand - to the company that develops the most effective marketing and promotion strategy.

The winners in 2011 were:
Best Profit – 2B3,
Best Brand – 2B2

The winners in 2012 were:
Best Profit – Santa's Little Elves (2P5),
Best Brand – Cuppa Cupcakes (2B1)

The winners in 2013 were:
Best Profit – Scrafty Keyrings (2C2),
Best Brand – Bangin’ Beads and Crackin’ Candles (2C3)

The winners in 2014 were:
Best Profit - Colour Craze (2B4),
Best Brand - Yule Love It (2C1)

The winners in 2015 were:
Best Profit – Snow Storm (2R5)
Best Brand – Breaking Bath (2R2)

The winners in 2016 were:
Best Profit – Jingle Bake (2Y3)
Best Brand – Frozen Winter Empire (2X2)
A special certificate was awarded to Cookie Corner (2Y6) for being a very close runner-up in both categories.

More detailed information on unit content and assessment can be found here.


S3 Content

The S3 Business and Enterprise course aims to allow learners to:

  • Engage in activities which encourage enterprising attitudes;
  • Develop an understanding of concepts that encourage enterprise and influence business;
  • Gain the confidence and skills to embrace and use ICT in a personal and business-related context that can be transferred and learned in different learning contexts;
  • Prepare confidently for study in the senior phase.

The course is split into 3 units: