One of the most useful skills learners can acquire is the understanding of how money works. This is the case whether they are managing their own business, organising their own personal finances or running a club.

The study of financial accounting enables students to understand how entrepreneurial and non-profit making organisations are structured, financed, managed and controlled. It will enable students to develop the ability and knowledge required to prepare financial statements and the skills necessary to analyse and evaluate business performance.

The study of management accounting will enable students to understand the significance and need for effective control within a business so that objectives can be realised. It will also develop the skills and techniques required to analyse prospective projects, evaluate a range of options and make informed decisions in a business context.


Studying Accounting will equip students with the skills and knowledge to use economic information to their advantage in real life situations. Students will be given a grounding in the accurate analysis of figures, while boosting their data-handling, presentation and ICT skills.

The use of ICT, particularly spreadsheets, permeates throughout the course at all levels of study.