Business Education Department

The Business Education staff work very hard in conjunction with Computing department colleagues to provide courses and learning opportunities that are engaging and challenging for all students and provide transferable skills for future employment and college/university education.

Business is a key dimension of modern society and there has been a growing recognition of the role business education plays in the development in students of a particular appreciation of contemporary society and the world in which they live.

At Madras College, students can choose to study Accounting, Administration & IT and Business Management (Business) at various levels in the Senior Phase. These subjects offer the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills (including problem solving, communication and information technology) which will allow students to access, understand and contribute to the dynamic and complex business and information environment in which they live and to develop open and enquiring minds to be capable of active participation in society.

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Administration & IT

Business Management


Mrs J McLaren
(Curriculum Leader)
Mr S Forbes
(PT Business Education)
Mrs S Stewart
Mrs A Little
(0.2 FTE)