Pupil Support

What We Do


In addition to teaching Support for Learning our staff work closely with subject departments and the Guidance/House teams. We assess the level of pupils' needs during Primary School as well as monitoring progress during their transition to Madras and throughout their school journey. We also meet with parents to discuss reports and the support provision for their children.


We have a whole school approach to learning in that all teachers’ support the needs of pupils at all levels of ability. This can be done in normal classes through consultation, and with learning support specialists and teachers working together with pupils in a classroom. We try to ensure that materials and methods are appropriate for all learners.


While all staff are involved, a small team, including Support for Learning Teachers and Pupil Support Assistants have a more specialised role. In S1 and S2 the school’s Support for Learning staff spends a large proportion of their time working in subject classes with pupils with learning needs. Pupils who are supported with reading, spelling or writing, are withdrawn for periods of direct tuition. Parents can also help at home, whether it is listening to your son/daughter read, asking questions, checking work, or asking your son/daughter about their day’s work in general.


Exam Arrangements

The Scottish Qualifications Authority allows various special exam arrangements for pupils who have a specific learning difficulty which might prevent them effectively demonstrating their attainment.  After gathering required evidence, the school recommends appropriate special assessment arrangements to the SQA on behalf of those pupils, in consultation with teachers, parents and the pupils themselves.  This is known as Assessment Arrangements.

Peer Tutoring

We also provide additional assistance by using senior pupils in the Peer Tutoring programme, involving more than 50 S6 pupils who support younger pupils in a range of settings. It is rewarding to both junior and senior pupils, and teachers value the support in their classes. At the end of the programme, all the pupils involved are awarded certificates.

Supported Curriculum

Direct Tuition
The Support for Learning Staff work on a one to one basis with any pupil who is needing extra support, eg, in completing some folio pieces for a particular subject,

Youth Achievement
The SfL staff run a youth achievement class in S2 and S3. Pupils select 4 challenges over 2 years to gain a Bronze certificate which is recognised by the SQA

Nurture Groups
The SfL staff run a Nurture group for S1 pupils. This provides a safe and nurturing environment for those pupils who require both learning and social, emotional support.

S2 Enterprise Learning
Pupils in S2 receive a hands-on learning experience in Numeracy and Literacy

Social and Emotional Support
In addition to Learning Support, some pupils require SEBS. This would involve some of our staff helping pupils in class and on a one to one basis. It is Pupil Centred and the curriculum is designed around meeting their needs.

Seasons for Growth
This is a grief and loss education programme for young people, promoting the social and emotional well being of young people who have experienced significant changes in their lives.

EAL (English as an Additional language)
An increasing number of pupils are now arriving at Madras who do not have English as their first language. Our aim is to integrate them into the curriculum as much as possible by providing adapted materials.

Break/ Lunch Club


Support Assistants
Mrs P Bissett
Mrs P Brothers
Mrs C Carlin
Mrs A Collie
Mrs S Donaghy
Mrs I Ellwood
Mrs E Laing
Mrs A Lumsden
Mrs E McLean
Mrs H Mitchell
Mrs M Murray
Mrs M Nicholson
Mrs C Richardson
Mrs C Weston
Mrs E Crawford
(Bilingual PSA)
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