Faculty of Support for Learning
Pupil Highlights

Support for learning is central to all that we do; and all staff deliver support for all children. Fife council has a policy of inclusion which promotes the placement of pupils with significant additional support needs into mainstream primary and secondary schools. Additional support may be given in schools to help such pupils.

Children and young people may need this help because they have difficulty with reading, writing or numeracy; they may have a physical or sensory impairment; or they may have a social, emotional or behavioural barriers to learning. These difficulties may be short or long term.

Department Aims

  • To assist pupils to overcome their barriers to learning
  • To support classroom teachers in the delivery of curriculum appropriate to the needs of all learners
  • To deliver alternative curriculum that meets learning and health & well-being needs of pupils
  • To promote an ethos of inclusion within the school community

In Madras, Support for Learning teachers, Guidance teachers and Pupil Support Assistants work as a team with class teachers to help meet the additional support needs of pupils. This support can be both classroom based and in small groups or in a one-to-one setting. Support for Learning also encompasses Pupils for whom English is an additional language (ESOL).


Ewan Reid
Curriculum Leader
Mrs J Robertson
Principal Teacher
(Bilingual teacher)
Mrs E Boyd
Mrs L Durie
Mrs L Leith
Mrs E Liggat
Mrs L McLuskie
Mr S Munn
Mrs F Page
Mrs M Smith