S2/S3 Social Studies

Overview of Geography Element of Course

The purpose of learning in this curriculum area is to enable learners to develop their understanding of the world by learning about other people and their values: in different times, places and circumstances and also to develop their understanding of their environment and how it has been shaped. We will address theses themes by exploring a range of local, national and International issues. The course will also allow pupils to develop skills which will enable pupils to build on their learning in the senior phase.


Geography Course Content

  • S2: Geography is once again integrated within the core S2 Social Subjects course.

    The course studies landscapes and explores earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis in detail. The physical causes, impact and management of such events are looked at in relation to real life case studies.

  • S3: Geography is taught in rotation at S3 by one of the geography teachers at Madras College.

    This units covered are OS Map skills and River Landscapes. Having the skills to read and interpret OS Maps is an important aspect of geography. At certificate level you will be given an OS Map extract in the exam and you will be required to use the map with regards to specific questions. These could cover physical and human geographical topics, such as ‘Rivers and their Landscapes’, the following unit to be studied. The river unit will build on the skills developed in the OS Map unit and challenge you to apply your knowledge to a different geographical context. You will also learn about the features of a river basin as well as the formation of physical features such as v-shaped valleys, waterfalls, meanders, ox-bow lakes and deltas.

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