Staff Updates

September 2016

There have been several major changes to the PE Department this year after two long term stalwarts Elaine Methven and Harvey Munn, retired after many years service. With Ashleigh Montador also leaving us to pursue new challenges and Ryan McLuskie taking an exchange year with his family in Australia, there have been the following appointments:

The department are delighted to have Lachlan Blaikie fro Bathurst Secondary, Australia with us this academic year. Imaginatively christened 'Skippy' on arrival, Lachlan brings with him a range of skills and talents and some glorious additions to our lexicography! Lachlan is accompanied/supervised by his wife Bri, who had the decency to deliver their first child as a Scot. We wish them well for the remainder of their time here and congratulate them wholeheartedly on the birth of their beautiful daughter, Willow. 


Despite hailing from neighbouring Bell Baxter we are still very pleased to have Sarah Dawson with us for her Probationer year. Sarah made an immediate positive impact by bringing in lovely cakes and tasty bakes, and oh, she's a no bad teacher as well!

Tammy Band has secured a permanent contract with us after a few years on various short spells in other schools and we are truly amazed at her energy and efficiency, particularly in her role as Chief Organiser. Cupboards, shelves and every nook and cranny have been sorted, anti-bacterially wiped and labelled into an order that has not been seen here since the day Kilrymont was built. Tammy is also currently leading the competition for 'Most External Covers' and hopes to receive the coveted award from the Business Manager by the end of term.