S5 and S6 Guidance


Pupils in S5 begin studying for their Intermediate or Higher level qualifications. These qualifications will be the ones that help to determine a pupil's path post-school: employment, college, training or university.

Both register and social education classes are a mix or S5 and S6 pupils and so the course of study consists of work relevant to both year groups.



Life in S6 can be quite different from the other years at Madras College. Pupils are given more independence and more responsibilities and are able to play a bigger role in the day to day working of the school.

S6 is also the year that sees most pupils applying to UCAS for entry into university. Madras College prides itself on the tradition, built up over a number of years, of sending a large proportion of its pupils to higher education.

For an overview of UCAS procedures please click here.


Course/University Information

Madras College is frequently sent information about courses or open days that may be relevant and useful to some pupils.
A list of events will be posted here weekly along with contact/application information. To access this list please click here.

Apprenticeships and vocational training


Apprenticeships and vocational training schemes are once again becoming an important step on the road to employment.
For the latest vacancies sent to Madras College please click here.