S3 and S4 Guidance


In third year pupils begin studying for their certificate qualifications: Standard Grade or National Qualifications. The Guidance Department is there to support all pupils in their quest to attain the best grades they can.


In addition to this the Guidance Department also provides a social education programme designed to develop pupils' knowledge of themselves and the world they live in.






The overwhelming concern for pupils in fourth year is the exams they sit in May. With prelims being sat in November and folios due throughout the year S4 is a demanding time for all concerned. The Guidance Department will support pupils, parents and staff throughout this time in order that pupils get the best chance they can to attain to their potential.


There are some pupils in S4 who will choose to leave Madras at the end of this year. They my choose to join the world of work or they may choose further education or training. Whatever they choose the Guidance Department can assist them in any planning or decision making. With links to local colleges and Skills Development Scotland the department is well placed to offer advice an support at this important time.



Further Education Colleges


At the end of S4 many of our pupils choose to leave school and undertake courses at a further education college.
Any information Madras College receives regarding open days or course updates will be posted here.



Apprenticeships and Vocational Training


Apprenticeships and vocational training schemes are once again becoming an important step on the road to employment.
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