English Department

Welcome to the Madras College English Department. 

Department Aims

The English department strives to achieve the following:

  • Introduce pupils to texts of a lively, demanding and interesting nature.

  • Develop language skills so that pupils can express themselves clearly and effectively.

  • Foster imaginative, creative and expressive potential in writing.

About Our Site

The pages on our site provides information about our courses for pupils and parents, useful links to resources for pupils and English teachers and details of the clubs and competitions we run. The "What's New" link will provide you with news about any recent developments in the department.  

Mrs E Payne
(Curriculum Leader)

Mrs J Matthews
(PT English)

Miss R Bassilious
(PT Guidance)
Mr S Bayne
Mrs V Birmingham
Mr O Darge
Miss A Griffiths
Mrs H Mohr
Mrs A Montgomery
Mrs A Robertson
Mr K Wishart