S2 and S3 Drama


Should pupils continue with Drama in S2 and S3 they will continue to develop their creative skills using co-operation, communication, imagination and confidence building. They will be required to perform in front of an audience presenting scripted and devised pieces of work. They will also have to reflect and evaluate their own work and that of others.

Course Content

Pupils will be involved in a variety of units including the use of:

  • masks,
  • mime and movement,
  • characterisation,
  • using role play to explore issues,
  • mood and atmosphere using sound and lighting equipment,
  • learning how to structure a piece of drama and
  • all aspects of running their own production company on a small scale.

Although this is a two year course and mainly practical in nature, pupils will be expected to keep a written log of their activities and complete a series of logbooks associated with each unit.