S1 Drama


As part of the Expressive Arts Faculty, Drama

  • enables pupils to experience the inspiration and power of the Arts.
  • recognises & nurtures creative and aesthetic talents.
  • allows pupils to develop skills and techniques.
  • provides opportunities to explore Scottish Culture and the wider world.
  • provides opportunities for pupils to contribute to presentation and experience the excitement of live performance.

In Drama pupils will develop social skills that will equip them for life, in particular:

  • Confidence
  • Cooperation
  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Teamwork

Course Content

The S1 course provides pupils with a range of skills and opportunities and includes:

  • A mime unit,
  • a role play issue based unit,
  • a characterisation unit,
  • a Scottish unit and a theatre in context unit.

All of these units incorporate the use of co-operation, concentration, imagination and listening.  They provide pupils with communication skills, exploration of voice and language, reflecting and evaluating their own work and that of others.

Throughout the course, pupils will also engage in Warm Up Activities and Drama Games

  • To warm up the body or voice and focus the mind
  • To increase concentration
  • To stimulate imagination
  • To encourage cooperation
  • To develop self discipline
  • To promote good teamwork and a positive ethos.