Madras College Community Use
Madras College, Kilrymont Road

St Andrews

KY16 8DE

Tel: 01334 659354 | Fax: 01334 412563


Madras College has been designated as a "Community Use" school, which enables the buildings to be used for a variety of opportunities outwith the normal school day - including weekends and holiday periods.

The term time opening hours are:

Monday to Friday   17.30 - 22.00  
Saturday   09.30 - 14.00  
Sunday   Closed  


Using the school resources, Community Use is able to offer a wide variety of instructional and coaching classes which help all age groups develop healthy lifestyles, skills and interests in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Over 50 adult and junior classes are available. Additionally there are classes which lead to SQA qualifications which might help individuals gain employment.

The facilities can also be used by local groups or with friends to access, classrooms, gyms, games hall, swimming pool, and artificial floodlit sportsturf for a variety of activities.

A range of clubs and organisations book accommodation for concerts, rehearsals and meetings as well as the Community Use cafeteria.

Whilst the Kilrymont Road complex is the base for most of these activities, Station Park is available for specific events and groups.




Mrs S Barclay
(Admin Assistant)
Claire Fisher
(Lead Officer)